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R.S.A.G. announces first album album in 10 years Chroma for May release

R.S.A.G. announces first album album in 10 years Chroma for May release


Multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Hickey has announced a brand new R.S.A.G. album called Chroma out digitally and on red vinyl (with Dublin Vinyl) on May 29th through Reckless Records.

For the first Rarely Seen Above Ground album since 2010’s Be It Right Or Wrong, the sound of the project has moved on with more textured layered instrumentation and richer sounds across the album informed by recent years playing with French electro band Bot’Ox (Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay) and with a new collaborator in the form of co-writer Jamie Walsh.

“Chroma started as a musical diary of sorts, an interior perspective of my life while recording from my home studio in Kilkenny. It is full of my daily challenges and experiences. I soon realised that these mood pieces, these colours, were part of a larger picture that might combine to form an album and so it progressed, regressed, changed and through frustration even nearly came to a grinding halt at one point. Each song reflects these different experiences, struggles and emotions, the realities of pursuing a creative goal whilst also trying to keep the wolf from the door. Chroma’s evolution has inevitably been a long one. I’ve always been fortunate to have a great family and friends, the perfect sounding boards for my ideas.  I am proud that my co-writer Jamie Walsh and I were able to merge our musical and lyrical ideas to produce songs of intensity and emotion.

Jeremy Hickey

Jamie Walsh also painted two pieces for the front and back cover of the album.

Pre-order the album and get previews of each track.

‘Meet You There’ originally released in 2017 features on the album along with ‘Leave a Light On’.

R.S.A.G – Chroma Tracklist

  1. Morning Sun
  2. The Spark
  3. The Jungle
  4. Leave A Light On
  5. Meet You There
  6. Hollow
  7. Don’t Move So Fast
  8. Chroma
  9. Focus
  10. Weather The Storm

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