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Sending Letters to Sea

Sending Letters to Sea

Here’s an album which was quietly launched at the tail-end of last year. Sending Letters to Sea is the brainchild of visual artist and musician Mark Garry, and is a collaborative musical project commissioned by Fingal County Council informed by the historical connections between music and faith.

Featuring the musical talents of Nina Hynes, pianist Fabien Leseure, composer Karl Burke, violinist Benoit Leseure, percussionist Sean Carpio and electronic musician Eileen Carpio backed by The Fingal chamber choir amongst others, it was recorded in Berlin and St. Columba’s Church in Swords.

All very impressive credentials but it’s the album itself that is most absorbing thing about all this. 10 tracks of soothing orchestral combinations of violin, piano, vocals, guitar and cello. As reference points, take the more meandering moments of A Silver Mount Zion (who coincidentally have a great new track), the classical tones of Max Richter, Johann Johannsson and the folk-blues style of Sam Amidon. Seriously good stuff especially in this snowy weather.

MP3: Sending Letters to Sea – The Crossing

It is now out on CD and soon, vinyl via Road Records.

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