Teishi-1 passed along this compilation put together by Josco featuring 32 tracks from a diverse group of mostly electronic musicians called Untitled Ire.

Artists featured include Cillo, Bantum, Somadrone, Sunken Foal, T-woc, Revin Goff, Katie Kim, Forrests, Teishi-1, Nina Hynes and many more. These are artists who operate on the periphery of Ireland’s music scene and songs are both old and new.

It is a free download too:

Posted on February 10th, 2016

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While we were all preparing to celebrate the end of another year and the start of another one, Nina Hynes closed a long musical chapter of her life and opened a new one of her own. In the last days of December 2012, Hynes released her fourth album, the first as from Dancing Suns, a collaborative project with her husband Fabien Leseure with the help of Sean Carpio. The album was crafted with the help of Fundit finances, features 27 musicians and was recorded Celbridge, Berlin and Brussels.

Goldmine is the ambitious outcome. Following the idea of a story that takes place during the last days of the world, Hynes, Leseure and their collaborators create a fantastical world of sound. That the ambitious plan is to make a film of the story isn’t surprising considering its cinematic grandeur.
Read review and hear the album…→

Posted on January 10th, 2013

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Nina Hynes
Nina Hynes

It’s been over a year now since Nina HynesGoldmine project became 100% funded and since then the Berlin-based musician has been honing the album with her partner Fabien Leseure with loving care. h resulting album is so much a collaborative effort that she’s decided to name the project Dancing Suns. It’ll be released to the world on the 28th of December 2012 and sent to the funders first. It features 27 musicians and was recorded in Celbridge, Berlin and Brussels. I’ve had a few listens to a non-mastered version, it’s an uplifting album with its own aesthetic, world and atmosphere.

The he idea for the record is a story. A folk story that takes you to the last days of the world through the deep west carrying the nostalgia of a 1970’s French art film. The dream is to first play the album live with an orchestra and a choir and then to make the film of the story Goldmine.

And here is the first single from Goldmine and the first song on the album which is released today. Nina describes it as “a proclamation of the joy of life, about taking the reins in to one’s own hands and lifting the spirits beyond the weight of the earth.”

It’s a song filled with a lot of joy and triumph. A beautiful first look into the Goldmine.

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Posted on December 12th, 2012

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FundIt has established itself as Ireland’s prime website for crowdfunding for the arts and creative disciplines and to that end, there are a few music campaigns active at the moment, that you should be aware of, seeing as you are probably interested in Irish music if you’re visiting this blog.

Nina Hynes

One of Ireland’s most under-rated musical talents is now based in Berlin and looking to for your help in order to fund her new album on gatefold vinyl. The funds would be used to finance recording in Berlin and then in Carlow with the Aspiro choir. Nina is aiming for €10,000 and with 22 days to go has 25% pledged of that target. Check out the rewards on offer and donate at the Fundit page.

Ten Past Seven

Kerry’s Ten Past Seven, who released a super EP last year called Bothar Buí. For their new release, they are hoping to raise €5,000 to record a new EP in Black Box Studios in France as well as go towards a house engineer, mixing, mastering and artwork. The physical EP will then be released as an enhanced CD with surround audio and video. A number of limited edition art pieces are available to Funders too. The songs will be placed under Creative Commons licence and will be available for remixes, visual projects etc. The band have raised just over 25% of that target to date with 23 days to go. Check out the rewards on offer and donate at the Fundit page.

In addition to the two projects above, there’s also

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Here’s an album which was quietly launched at the tail-end of last year. Sending Letters to Sea is the brainchild of visual artist and musician Mark Garry, and is a collaborative musical project commissioned by Fingal County Council informed by the historical connections between music and faith.

Featuring the musical talents of Nina Hynes, pianist Fabien Leseure, composer Karl Burke, violinist Benoit Leseure, percussionist Sean Carpio and electronic musician Eileen Carpio backed by The Fingal chamber choir amongst others, it was recorded in Berlin and St. Columba’s Church in Swords.

All very impressive credentials but it’s the album itself that is most absorbing thing about all this. 10 tracks of soothing orchestral combinations of violin, piano, vocals, guitar and cello. As reference points, take the more meandering moments of A Silver Mount Zion (who coincidentally have a great new track), the classical tones of Max Richter, Johann Johannsson and the folk-blues style of Sam Amidon. Seriously good stuff especially in this snowy weather.

MP3: Sending Letters to Sea – The Crossing

It is now out on CD and soon, vinyl via Road Records.

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2qwdc40 Anyone sick of lists yet? Me neither. Today sees AU Magazine release their Irish albums of the decade list in which they asked for the public’s help and the results are out in the new mag now.

Take a look at the top 50 after the jump where a very recent 2009 album takes the top spot. As you’d expect from a Belfast-based mag, the list is fairly Northern-centric but most of the albums deserve to be there. I’d imagine this is the last time you’ll see some Snow Patrol related post on this here blog 🙂

After the top 50 you can see my own personal top 20 Irish albums of the decade list. (more…)

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staros AU Magazine are looking for your favourite Irish albums of the decade and you only have til Monday 23rd November to vote. Compile a list of up to 20 Irish albums ranked in order, North or South that were released since January 1st 2000 and send it to [email protected] .

I’ve yet to finalise my own list but I’m sure it will feature albums like Nina Hynes’ Staros, David Kitt’s The Big Romance, Dry County’s Unexpected Falls, Adebisi Shank’s This is the album of a band called Adebisi Shank, David Holmes’ Bow Down to the Exit Sign, Super Extra Bonus Party’s Night Horses, Mumblin Deaf Ro’s The Herring and the Brine, The Frames’ For the Birds, Jape’s Ritual, Heathers’ Here, Not There, Sarsparilla’s Karahee, Deep Burial’s Black Music , And So I Watch You From Afar’s self-titled debut, Redneck Manifesto’s I Am Brazil, The Vinny Club’s Rocky IV Reckyrd, Fight Like Apes’ debut, Messiah J and the Expert’s From the Word Go, Adrian Crowley’s Season of the Sparks, The Jimmy Cake’s Spectre and Crown and maybe Patrick Kelleher’s You Look Cold.

In fact, I think an Irish albums of the decade podcast or post is in order before November is out.

For now though, witness a song from one of my most cherished Irish albums, Staros by Nina Hynes who has a new project called Sending Letters to Sea. More info here.

Nina Hynes – Universal

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