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SlowPlaceLikeHome – ‘There Go The Lights Again’ (video)

SlowPlaceLikeHome – ‘There Go The Lights Again’ (video)


While not the most immediate track on SlowPlaceLikeHome (Donegal’s Keith Mannion), the title track does have a meditative quality that lends itself to a visual daydream, which is exactly what Jules Hackett does. The video utilises Julian Opie’s ‘Suzanne Walking In Leather Skirt’ aka the LCD walking woman from O’Connell Street some time ago. It’s now in situ at the Hugh Lane Gallery.

For the past few years, Suzanne has been walking on the same spot in Dublin. 24 hours a day, everyday. In the dead of night, I felt it was only right to send her (and companions) on a journey.