South West All Stars! The ‘Who’s Asking?’ remix video is one of the best things you’ll see come out of Ireland this year


Last week, God Knows dropped a four-track EP Who’s Asking and lurking at the end on the collaborative-heavy release is a posse-style remix of the title track that features bars from Denise Chaila, Hazey Haze, Citrus Fresh, Gavin DaVinci and Strange Boy Nature with production by SertOne.

The track is one of the most energetic things to emerge in recent memory but that was only half the story.

The video by Stephen Hall takes things to a whole new visceral level with all the rappers given individual focus for each of their turns to shine. I’ve honestly watched it about 50 times since I was first sent it. I’m still giddy watching this. This is one of the most exciting things we’ve ever had the pleasure of premiering.

As I said last week, It’s “an on-repeat banger but displays just how far Limerick is ahead of the game right now, while reflecting God Know’s connector status.”

In this week’s Nialler9 podcast, God Knows while reppin’ the Limerick scene as this tune does, talks about how small Ireland is really, so it makes sense there is an East Coast All-stars remix of this coming soon too. This is the Irish rap scene, and what we can do together.

Come see all the above and more at our Moo’vus gig in Lost Lane on May 15th late show as part of St. Patrick’s Festival.

St Patrick’s Festival: MO’OV’US: God Knows, Denise Chaila, Bantum, MuRli, Senita (Shookrah), Farah Elle, Hazey Haze, Citrus Fresh, Outsider Yp, Gavindavinci, Aswell, Strange Boy Nature, Krome, Mankyy @ Lost Lane (€12)