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Squarepusher Breezeblock

Squarepusher Breezeblock


An oldie but a goodie, this set is two years old this week, but still sounds as fresh as ever. Squarepusher’s use of breaks and bleeps in conjunction with some atmospheric synth lines make this one of my favourite 25 minutes of music. When the beats stop, (which they do frequently) , they are built back up again with squelching crescendoes only to be ripped apart with some stunning use of percussion and breaks (particularly at 16 minutes 18 seconds after the voice sample) . It all segues together brilliantly to the point where it all seems like one long magnificent 25 minute track. There is only 4 main tracks in the mix which are Tundra 4, Venus No.17 (Acid Mix), Unreleased song from Alive in Japan (Bonus CD that came with Do you know Squarepusher) and Anstromm 5.

Listen to it on a sunny Spring morning. Absolutely Highly recommended.


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