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Summer tune: Highlife – F Kenya Rip

Summer tune: Highlife – F Kenya Rip


highlife The sun is blazing today, there are blue skies galore and the Dublin boyos are out in the park incubating their pale raw skin with a mild form of skin cancer. Aah, summer in Dublin. ‘F Kenya Rip’ is a perfect soundtrack to a walk in the park or along the canal after work. From Highlife, the brainchild of Sleepy Doug Shaw of the band White Magic comes this Spencer Krug-fronting Dirty Projectors covering an afrobeat band vibe of a tune.

Shaw told Pinglewood and their NME blog that the song is inspired by an African highlife band called F. Kenya’s Guitar Band so at least Shaw is upfront about the influence. Indeed, the repeating phrase of ‘F Kenya Rip’ is taken from one of the band’s songs ‘Madame Zehae Ala (Just As I Am)’ and the guitar lines are similar too. (Listen to a short stream of that song on this page). Great tune all the same. Perfect for a day like today.

Highlife – F Kenya Rip