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Super Furry Side Project

Super Furry Side Project

The Peth
Just time for a quick one for I head to the Go! Team tonight.

The Super Furries seem incapable of NOT producing music regularly these days and their latest project involves members of the band and their friends (actor Rhys ifans pictured) making some music in their spare time. They posted up their first track “Let’s Go Fucking Mental” on their MySpace within the last week and it sounds like a slice of early Furries madness.

Like the A Team, we have great individual talents that were put to great use during the recording process. As one soldier fell to the incredible pressure of the studio enviroment another would rise to take his place.This and copius amounts of cheap coffee have resulted in a crack team of wronguns………..behold

We are The Peth.

From their Myspace page

Apparently there will be an album in 2007 entitled The Golden Mile, so It’s gonna be another busy year for the Furries in 2007, with another Gruff solo album called Candylion out in January as well as recording an album with Boom Bip under the name Delorean and who knows probably another SFA album sometime within those 365 days too.

The Peth – Let’s Go Fucking Mental


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