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Sylas – ‘Shore’

Sylas – ‘Shore’

The fledgling label Aesop has this year given us a fine EP from Iranian/English electronic producer TĀLĀ, and for their second release, with the London/Frankfurt-based musician(s) Sylas, not only is the music intricate, deeply-detailed and advanced in writing, their debut EP also features the genius that is Brian Eno on it, after chance encounters lead to both parties working on projects together.

‘Shore’ is the opening track from the EP, a delicate expression, that undulates in emotion with gently-shaded synths and pin percussion. It gives the song an eighties feel with reverbed production, that most immediately, because the singer has a similar timbre to Justin Vernon. It’s the line “water / someone save this burning house that sticks,” but fair warning, this needs a couple of passive listens to truly seep in.

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