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Takeaway Show – Architecture in Helsinki

Takeaway Show – Architecture in Helsinki

La Blogothéque continue their fantastic series of recording artists performing in unusual circumstances with Architecture in Helsinki’s rousing street performance backed by Myspace fans aka The Architecture in Helsinki choir. Firstly, they perform “Heart it Races”:

Cameron Bird, shiny-eyed, asks me whether he can go up in one of the apartments, as he would like to sing from the window. Kelly goes in yet another flat and shows off the ice tea her hostess gave her. In our flat, dinner is cooking in a huge pan, the kids swarm towards the window in excitement, the mom goes about her business in the back of the place, and Cameron sings along with the small crowd down in the street. He winks laughingly at Kelly, he’s having so much fun. Behind us, the kids look impressed. We brought the Take Away Show to their home, in between the living room and the kitchen, we got in the place just by asking politely, we are an accident to this family. Just as Take Away Shows are an accident to the artists we follow. As soon as the song ends, everybody goes back down. The little girls put on their shoes, they run down the stairs before us.

They then lead a congo line into the venue in Paris they are playing later that evening singing “Like it or not”. Brilliant.

You can download the original Quicktimes and read more @ The Takeaway Show page. While you are there, check out all the performances from Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire, Dirty Projectors, Andrew Bird, The Shins, Jeffrey Lewis and Kria Brekken.

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