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Tanjier opt out on new single ‘Crave’

Tanjier opt out on new single ‘Crave’

We’ve been fans of Tanjier for a long time and today we get to give you a first listen to their new single ‘Crave‘.

The track tells the story of the universal narrative of love gone sour, but it’s not your average break up the song. The dejected lyrics are contrasted by a steady backbeat and syncopated bass line that make for a sonically uplifting listen, and on first listen heartbreak is certainly not the first theme that springs to mind.

Tanjier - Crave (Lyric Video)

This juxtaposition is what the band specialise in; we heard it first in ‘Lights‘ a few months ago and in ‘Miles‘ before that, and with every release they are honing their skills and articulating themselves more acutely than before. The music is sure synth-pop with an upbeat chorus full of swelling synths and hopping bass rhythms that render all feet into a tapping state.

Lead singer Tommy said that:

I was penning lyrics in my bedroom, when an argument from the next room became so heated, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop. My housemate was in a seriously toxic relationship. There used to be a lot of hostility in the house… arguing, shouting, tears. The lyrics are taken from that overheard argument.”