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Teishi-1 – Sunshine Hexagon

Teishi-1 – Sunshine Hexagon


Dublin producer Teishi-1 shared Sunshine Hexagon on Boy Scout Records last month. The 14-tracks were inspired by ’80-’90 BPM hip-hop and electronic music and the concluding release is a collection of discombobulating experimental explorations using the sound characteristics of those genres.

That includes the boom bap beats of ‘Bright’ Madlib-style psychedelia on ‘Sweet Home’, rolling techno percussion on ‘Milk’, drum machine sounds of ‘Mangabay’, while ‘Glass’, the new single (with MAD EP remix) and first track is an ambient-infused Actress-sounding beat flip.

Sunshine Hexagon is a disjointed yet interesting exploratory collection of experimental-leaning music.

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