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Temporary Pleasure is building a new club space in Dublin and is looking for €25,000 to do it

Temporary Pleasure is building a new club space in Dublin and is looking for €25,000 to do it

With the news that four in five Irish nightclubs have shut since the year 2000, Irish nightclubs have become a precious cultural resource.

Changing licensing laws are almost certainly on the way before the end of the calendar year, one group is aiming to reimagine and make reality what the future of clubbing in Ireland could look like.

Temporary Pleasure is a “a group of architects and club creatives fighting the disappearance of Irish club spaces,” who have launched a Kickstarter aiming at raising €25,000 to make a new club experience in Dublin come to life.

“We transform vacant buildings into temporary cultural spaces. By engaging locals in the design process, we empower communities to self-build DIY venues.”

The group has already received half the funding to design and build the club from the Arts Council ‘Engaging with Architecture’ Award, and in September the plan is to transform a vacant inner-city space into a new ephemeral club – “designed, built, and programmed by local communities who have lost their venues.”

Blurring the lines between sculpture, venue, and community centre, it will host a wide-ranging programme of events in music, arts, talks, and workshops.

In just 6 weeks, the venue will host:

– Over 40 late-night and fringe events in collaboration with 12 local organisations

– Over 100 Irish artists including musicians, DJs, dancers, performers, and visual artists.

– Over 7,000 attendees,

– 50 participants in a two-week design and build workshop.

The project has already raised over €3k on Kickstarter, here’s a video about it.

Last year, in just 5 days, we designed, built, and tested a prototype club together with 20 workshop participants, a queer community center, and a carpentry atelier in a disused warehouse...

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