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The 10 best new songs out today

The 10 best new songs out today


Today is New Music Friday, which means there’s loads of new songs in the world.

Here are the 10 single songs released today I loved the most.

See the New Music section for all the of tracks and albums featured this week.

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Men I Trust

Ring Of Past

Montreal indie pop trio do soft glow music so well, and with the band back and releasing new music in the lead up to an inevitable album, ‘Ring Of Past’ is a quietly confident score in their discography to date.

The trio of Jessy, Dragos and Emma are on a world tour this summer that touches down at Vicar Street, Dublin on Wednesday July 26th this summer.



Way Past Three

A new Manchester indie three-piece impress with the nocturnal debut single ‘Way Past Three’. Nightbus are Olive, Jake and Zac, and this is their first release on So Young Records.

“We had this idea of making and creating alternative music that could either be played in the club or perhaps the journey home. Music that soundtracks the highs or even the lows – essentially music for the night time. Those early hours are and can be quite an exposing time, so we think this is the perfect introduction to Nightbus.”


Bibio, Oliver St. Louis

S.O.L. (Alan Braxe Edit)

French Touch producer Alan Braxe is on a roll lately, and he showers some extra disco glitter on the earthy funk of ‘S.O.L.’ from last year’s BIB10.


The Blessed Madonna, Jamie Principle

We Still Believe

The Blessed Madonna and Jamie Principle throwback to house music origins by celebrating diversity, difference and inclusion that defined the early Chicago/Detriot scene that they both came from.

If you think there’s a Soulwax feel to this, well there is as they had a hand in the production. Marea Stamper aka The Blessed Madonna says:

“I wrote and recorded a version of this song that shares a name with the party alone in my attic over a decade ago, writing the lyrics on the back of a record sleeve and recording them into my blackberry under a blanket. I distorted my own vocals on the original, but imagined that the song would someday be performed by Jamie Principle, arguably the first real writer in house music and my hero. Eventually years later, Jamie and I met and became beloved friends. Jamie kindly agreed to re-record the song I wrote for him before I knew him and here we are, writing the next chapter together and doing it the way I imagined it all those years ago. Soulwax chimed in on the final version and the result is absolutely fresh”


Caroline Rose

The Doldrums

A new album and live concerts on the way including a Dublin gig, it’s about to be Caroline Rose season.

‘The Doldrums’ burns with a quiet devastation, and comes from The Art of Forgetting will be released March 24th.

“‘The Doldrums’ was the song I wrote when I was realising I had basically no understanding of self-compassion. It’s about the voice inside my head that blames me for everything that’s ever gone wrong, mostly things out of my control. My idea of rebirth and reformation at the time was killing off my old self and finding a new one, rather than simply being kind to myself… Not because I didn’t want to be, but because I didn’t really know how.”



Creative Perfection Pt.1

I’m getting Biig Piig vibes from the new song from Qbanaa, the Cuban/Irish neo-soul/jazz singer, who released a two-track released today. ‘Creative Perfection Pt. 1’ has a live band feel, a rolling bassline and a sung and spoken word vocals from the artist.

The song is “about redirecting her addiction struggles by using creativity as a vice to strive for musical success.”

The artwork is by Irish artist Diabhal666, and the tracks were produced and mixed by Dan Doherty in Darklands Studio.

A Qbanaa headline show happens at The Sound House on April 28th 2023, with support from Decartaret and Kayleigh Noble and is running a new night called Soul Juice in Dashi, Smithfield in Dublin centred on neo-Soul/Jazz improv jams and open mic.



KIŃG~TRÃSH (Or:la Remix)

Derry’s Or:la absolutely bodies this remix of the electro club-rock-track from the project from Red Axes’ Udi Naor BĘÃTFÓØT.


Double Screen, Sharpson, Blakkheart

I Wonder

From Choki Biki’ label boss Dónal Sharpson’s new four track joint-named EP, a cross between his club music and live electronic alias Double Screen. ‘I Wonder’ features Blakkheart on vocals and was made while Donal was commuting from South London to his job teaching music production in North London

“I recently got a job as a lecturer teaching. As I live in the South, my commute takes about an hour and a half every morning. I figured that’s 3 whole hours a day I could be doing something productive with, rather than just trying to get a quick pre and post work sleep. I thought it would be a good idea to make something on the tube and show it to my students once I arrived to work. I started to make simple loops and melodies every day, and before I knew it, I had 4 tracks that I was happy with that all sounded cohesive when played together. “That spurred the idea of an EP which used foley elements of my journey. That’s why this EP is also very loop heavy compared to my other ‘Double Screen’ stuff, as it was just convenient on the journey to just slap a few drum loops together and write some basic melodies.”





Icelandic artist and recent Meltybrains? collaborator JFDR has returned to her solo endeavours. Jofidur’s music is exemplified by a light touch and an evocative airiness in her voice that is immediately recognisable.

‘Spectator’, the lead single from new album Museum (April 28th) is no different.

“‘Spectator’ is an anthem for the codependent, a lullaby for the ones slightly codependent and for those who have never felt it; a mirror into the raw thought process of someone deep in the trenches of it. The video was made with my good friend Timothee Lambrecq, and the unmissable support from my husband Josh Wilkinson and old bandmate Áslaug Magnúsdóttir. The clouds represent thoughts, and getting swallowed by a big cloud is symbolic of the thoughts that can overtake you, when you lose your ground. I also wanted to reference the album and its artwork that centres around a statue, representing energy frozen in time. I truly hope this song makes someone feel seen. It can take a long time to learn to navigate big emotions, whether they’re your own or others’. I was feeling it at the time.”



Ella Vos, Tei Shi


Los Angeles pop artist Ella Vos collaborates with Tei Shi on the salt-rimmed pop song with strong melodies, from the former upcoming album Superglue, out March 3rd.

“Salty” is an anthem for anyone who’s been in a toxic relationship. It’s inspired by me and Tei Shi’s music industry war stories, and about being fed up with women being pitted against each other. I was so honored to collaborate with Tei Shi on this; she absolutely delivers it on her verse!

Tei Shi also has a new song out called ‘¿QUIÉN TE MANDA?’

Ella Vos has recently recovered from lymphoma cancer.

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