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The 10 best tracks released today

The 10 best tracks released today


Today is New Music Friday, which means there’s loads of new songs in the world.

Here are the 10 single best songs released today I loved.

See the New Music section for all the of tracks and albums featured this week.

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Blue Hawaii

Where Is the Sun??

Canadian house duo Blue Hawaii asking the question that Irish people ask themselves on the reg.



Good Times / Problemz

Jungle returned with two new songs this week set to their trademark dance videos. Both didn’t feature on last year’s Loving In Stereo. Soulful summery funk-bops as is their want.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Perfume Genius

Spitting Off The Edge Of The World

Has it really been nine years since a Yeah Yeah Yeahs album was on the cards? 2013’s Mosquito feels like a long time ago but Karen O and co are back on new label Secretly Canadian and news of a new album Cool It Down later this year.

They are joined on ‘Spitting Off The Edge Of The World’ by Perfume Genius who kinda makes this song sound like one of his own.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs play Primavera Sound on June 11th. Let’s hope the issues on site are sorted by then.


My Twisted Heart, Outsider Yp, Kestine


Rhree artists from Irish collective Outsider Ents team up on a track that channels ’80s synth electro-pop vibes and open-hearted autotuned pop. A refreshingly and surprising turn.


Gramrcy, John Loveless


“Is this the biggest track of the summer?”

That is the email headline that Phantasy Sound piqued by interest with in their mailout this morning.

It’s not, but if you were looking for a track that recalls the indie-sleaze electro-clash, synth-falling-down-a flight-of-stairs then you’ve found the boss level. It’s the sonic boom breakdown that is divisive.

Honestly, i don’t know how I feel about it – but i’ve played it four times already today for the thrill of it, so it’s got something, so I’m going to stick with my gut on this.

It’s been played out currently by HAAi, Daniel Avery, Gerd Janson and eh, Mel C so you know, it’s catching.



Make You Scream

London-based Polish producer aka Martyna Maja aka VTSS is bringing dark electroclash vocal pop styles on ‘Make You Scream’ with the ominous “i’m go’n make you scream / make your head disappear.”

It’s VTSS’ first song for Ninja Tune, and echoes the likes of Maria Davidson in tone.

VTSS is playing Primavera Sound week 2.



Modern Warfare

Dublin electronic pop artist Jonathan Ng blew up as Eden in 2016 and has released three albums, and this new woozy vocal track marks the new chapter from the artist.

There’s a bright glitchiness and distortion to what’s happening here, falling between R&B, electronic pop and hip-hop in a pleasing fashion.

“This song is a meditation on the blurred lines between life and interaction online and irl. There was a time where I had rejected certain aspects of social life by refusing to use the tools of our time, and modern warfare came after a period of reintegration. There is a sense of maturity coming into these spaces and situations after time away, despite how urgent everything can feel. An ability to not be dragged into the reactionary anxiety that is so often associated with social media. This is not to say that there isn’t plenty of anxiety to be found elsewhere – just that knowing what you want from things is a helpful way to avoid getting rekt. Water off a digital duck’s back.”


Ria Rua


Since arriving on the Irish scene, Ria Rua has featured here with tunes that were rooted in dark electro and upfront vocals.

‘Breathe’ takes the sound more into a hyperpop style, with big buzzing synthlines over confrontational lyrics.


of all living things

Mostly Timing

A Dublin band formally known as nicetry, of all living things follow up last year’s On Familiar Ground EP on Any Other City (which featured ‘If I Go’) with song that leans on the slowcore sound they’ve established to date. ‘Mostly Timing’ is somnambulist in its clip and somehow retains some centre-focused that leaves a gentle calming presence afterwards.



The First Day (Acoustic)

A deluxe version of Fever Dreams brings this stunning acoustic version of ‘The First Day’, the song Conor O’Brien wrote after attending Another Love Story festival.

Conor had been touring with Kevin Corcoran on keys as a duo last summer and this sounds a bit like what you might have heard at those gigs.

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