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The best tracks of the week

The best tracks of the week

These songs represent my favourite new tracks of last week. Check the new music section. The new music playlist is available on Spotify and is updated weekly.

The best tracks of the week

  1. Jude Woodhead – ‘Beautiful Rain’
  2. I Am The Cosmos feat. Girls Names – ‘I Go’ (Jape cover)
  3. ticktock – ‘Pastel clouds’
  4. Riton – ‘Rinse & Repeat’
  5. NZCA Lines – ‘Two Hearts’
  6. Ahohni – ‘Four Degrees’
  7. Wiki feat. Nasty Nigel – ‘Living With My Moms’
  8. Foreign Air – Free Animal’
  9. King – ‘Hey’ (new extended version)
  10. No Monster  Club – ‘ Lemonade’
  11. Solar Bears – ‘Man plus’
  12. Bonzai – ‘Doses’

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