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The Dystopian Disco returns to the Spirit store on October 27th

The Dystopian Disco returns to the Spirit store on October 27th


The Dystopian Disco had its debut event in the Spirit Store in July. A night which boasted an alternative approach to clubbing, one which included tunes from the likes of Nick Cave, Joy Division and the Velvet Underground.

Organised by local record shop owner Neil Waters, the original event featured DJ performances from David Noonan of Just Mustard, Conal McIntyre of The Oceanographers and many more.

Now the event returns to Dundalk’s hallowed ground on October 27th. With the promise of the same lineup this time around, there’s plenty for fans of all things post-rock to be excited about.

“Musical sound, better than anything else perceived by the senses, conveys the emotions and thoughts of a persons soul to that of another’s. Music complies with the laws of geometry for music is simply numbers in harmonic repetition. Music is more than just entertainment; it shapes the very quality of our lives, the fabric of reality itself. In this virtual reality, are you a program or a user?”

The event begins at 9 pm and admission is free of charge. There’s no event page so if you’ll have to head down on the night to satisfy your curiosity.