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The Nialler9 Dublin gig guide (Dec 13th – 19th)

The Nialler9 Dublin gig guide (Dec 13th – 19th)

Highlights:  Richter Collective & Popical Island Christmas parties, Night of the Machines 2, Motor City Drum Ensemble & xxxy,  Not Squares, Twinkranes and Magic Pockets, Rarely Seen Above Ground, The Rubberbandits Christmas Carols, Ulrich Schnauss, Moths, Toby Kaar and Miracle Fortress…

A list of recommended events taking place over the next seven days in Dublin. All times are 7.30/8pm unless stated. Feel free to recommend gigs in the comments as this post gets a lot of eyes every week.

Tuesday December 13th

Wednesday December 14th

Thursday December 15th

Friday December 16th

Saturday December 17th

Sunday December 18th

Monday December 19th

Ding Dongs Merrily Get High – Christmas with Popical Island by popical_island

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