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New Tom Vek – ‘A Chore’

New Tom Vek – ‘A Chore’

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Tom Vek’s last single ‘Nothing But Green Lights’ was released the same month this blog started back in 2005, five and a half years ago. It’s just over six years since he released his debut We Have Sound. Since then, Vek has been extremely quiet and many doubted he would ever make a musical appearance ever again. But he’s back, with a second album Leisure Seizure due in the first week in June through Island Records. ‘A Chore’ above is the first single from it. It’s comfortably familiar yet still sounds fresh in 2011.

Here’s a reminder of times past:

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Leisure Seizure tracklisting

01. Hold Your Hand
02. Aroused
03. A Chore
04. We Do Nothing
05. World of Doubt
06. Seizemic
07. A.P.O.L.O.G.Y
08. Someone Loves You
09. Close Mic’ed
10. On A Plate
11. You Need to Work Your Heart Out
12. Too Bad

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