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Kate Brennan Harding’s top 10 tracks of 2018

Kate Brennan Harding’s top 10 tracks of 2018

Today FM producer, Fat Puppy Creator, DJ and Irish music lover Kate-Brennan Harding shares her soundtrack of 2018.

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Fontaines D.C. – Chequeless Reckless

Fontaines D.C. - Chequeless Reckless (Darklands Version)

It is no secret how much I adore this band – they simply give me goosebumps every time I see them. I have loved all their releases so far, but something about ‘Chequeless Reckless’ and it’s uncompromising beat brings me absolute joy. I am so happy to see these guys really on the way to massive success. They are the future.


Róisín Murphy – All My Dreams

Róisín Murphy - All My Dreams (Official Video)

Of all the 12 inch releases from Róisín Murphy this year, I adore this one the most. It’s the kind of song that makes me feel gorgeous even if I am in my slippers dancing around my sitting room. It’s the kind of dance song that makes you move in ways you didn’t know you could. ‘Ridiculously Sexy, This Is Ridiculous’. Thanks be to Murphy & Fulton.


Janelle Monae – Make Me Feel

Janelle Monáe – Make Me Feel [Official Music Video]

Dirty Computer is one of my albums of the year – when it appeared as a video release, I stayed in bed one Saturday morning and watched it all. Janelle Monae is a genius, a captivating fun queer subversive powerhouse. Getting to play this at my favourite club Mother earlier this year was a true highlight.


Mark Ronson feat. Miley Cyrus – Nothing Breaks Like A Heart

Mark Ronson - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Official Video) ft. Miley Cyrus

I quite simply have become obsessed with this track in one week. These two might just always have to make music together. I kid you not, I drove back from Other Voices in Dingle with this on repeat for 3 hours of my 5 hour journey. This is the type of sad banger 16 year old me needed!


Shakedown At Night – Purple Disco Machine Remix

Shakedown 'At Night' (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

I have played both PDM & Shakedowns mix all year at every gig. The reaction is amazing, this is the kind of disco track that lifts the crowd into the next level together. I don’t think there is another DJ in the World right now that comes close to Purple Disco Machines mixes.


Balthazar – Fever

Balthazar - Fever

This track builds and builds and creates a massive statement of intent in terms of Balthazar’s new direction. It gets inside my head and again causes me to lose myself in dance. Looking forward to their new album in January.


Young Fathers – Toy

Young Fathers - Toy (Official Video)

Taken from Cocoa Sugar, this track belongs in my best 10 of 2018 as I listen to it and the rest of the album every week. I had the pleasure of seeing them in The Academy earlier this year and it is one of the best gigs I have ever been too. I couldn’t get over the energy created in the room.


Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (Official Video)



Villagers – Hold Me Down

Hold Me Down

When I heard this song, I felt like someone had been sitting inside my brain transcribing my thoughts and putting them to music. It simply makes me feel safe in my sadness. When towards the end of the track it starts to soar into the minds sky I think it brings peace. Thanks Conor & Co. for creating something so beautiful.


Lisa O’Neill – Violet Gibson

This track is my favourite from what I think is one of the best Irish albums of the year. If not the best. Violet Gibson’s story is fascinating; an Irish Woman who went to Italy to shoot Mussolini whilst he was on parade in Rome (she missed and got his nose) and spent the rest of her life in a mental institute in England. This song, if you allow it t0, takes you to a place of sadness and purity… “people don’t really change don’t you know, they just go a little bad when they go”. 

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