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Top 10 Tracks of 2016: Byron Yeates (Alice)

Top 10 Tracks of 2016: Byron Yeates (Alice)


Byron Yeates is a Galway-based DJ with Alice. As a DJ he plays house, techno, acid, disco and Italo among others. Check his Soundcloud for mixes. This past weekend, he made his debut at Panorama Bar in Berghain, Berlin.

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The Groupies – The Groupies Are Insane

DJ Overdose and Cliff Lothar teaming up on this one to create one of my top tracks of the year. The synth/acid/electro/house hybrid sound which reminds me of summer, playing while the sun goes down.


Justin Cudmore – Crystal

Played in probably every one of my sets this year since its release. The Mike Servito remix seems to have gotten all the attention but I wayyyy prefer this version with the camp vocal sample and it’s kind of fun rippling sound.


E Myers – Hate

The 707, the strings and the big cheesy trumpet. It works and it feels goooood!


Marie Davidson – Naive To The Bone

The spoken-word style vocal over those beats, I fell in love with this track the second I heard it, initially thinking it was old until I heard the “It’s 2016, get real lyric”.


Mr. Fingers – Aether

Deep, emotive music from the house music legend Larry Heard. The entire EP is incredible.


Virginia – Funkert

Feel good house music that reminds me of long summer days on Inis Oirr. Production in particular on this incredible and the dub version hasn’t left my bag in a while.


Jirafee -Out tha’ box

Cheating with this one, but it had been on my Wantlist for FOREVER and got repressed this year. It encompasses so many of the things I love in an old record, with that proto-house sound.


Shariff Laffrey – Key Jam (A.C.I.D.)

Again, so many sounds I love in a record wrapped up in one. Always gets the party going when those freestyle synths kick in.


Red Rack ‘Em – Wonky Disco Banger

Super fun party track. The title pretty much sums the record up. I always love seeing people’s reaction as they hear it for the first time.


Voiski – Happy Piece For Happy People Piece

A weird, tingly, infectious track that really resonates through you.

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