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Toygirl sing of infatuation on the affecting alt-pop of ‘Poison’

Toygirl sing of infatuation on the affecting alt-pop of ‘Poison’

A week before lockdown, we posted Toygirl’s previous single ‘Moonlight Velvet’, a gorgeous song we said “floats along on a bright guitar line and gentle percussion that recalls the work of Mr Twin Sister.”

The song burst with possibility and open-mindedness, while today, the Dublin five-piece released the followup and by accident or design, after six months of living through a pandemic, begins with a darker and more atmospheric song, weighed down by heavier machinations of, as the band say “infatuation, heartbreak, love,”.

‘Poison’ does offer hope as Hannah Worall’s voice hits the chorus and the clouds disappear and things become clearer. We can only hope for more of the same as 2020 marches on.

The band say:

For me, this song is about deep infatuation, platonic, or romantic. The feeling that someone has accepted your purest form and loves you unconditionally. It’s one of the first songs that I wrote where my words felt transparent and straightforward, in some ways that makes me feel more vulnerable but also more connected to the song 

Toygirl, alongside Newdad are one of the finest new dreamy alt-pop Irish bands to emerge in late 2019 / 2020.


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