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Villagers: A guitar and a heart

Villagers: A guitar and a heart


After seeing Conor O’ Brien’s new band Villagers support Halves (Purveyors of groovy bell action) on Saturday , I felt I had witnessed the start of something completely enthralling, a band that are sure to be doing some big things in ’09. Essentially, O’ Brien’s solo project it may be but he has surrounded himself with a great band, two of which feature regularly in One Day International. O’ Brien himself is a captivating singer, the kind that closes his eyes. moves away from the mic and still blindly knows his exact position on the stage as he exalts through song.

It was probably Villagers fourth ever gig (and maybe only the second or third with a full band) but the songs are already near fully formed, ready for inevitable adoration. Yes, that good. So good that there were a few people singing along already to ‘The Meaning of the Ritual’ and ‘Home’, songs currently only available on Myspace.

I am not the only one who thinks so. An EP is due in late January. No pressure like.

More solo videos after the jump.

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