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Villagers – ‘Occupy Your Mind’

Villagers – ‘Occupy Your Mind’


As the Winter Olympics begins, the Russian government’s campaign to silence their unequal gay citizens under a blanket of patriotic allegiance just contrasts itself with more progressive nations. Putin’s macho posturing does nothing convince us. It’s like swearing off discrimination for lent putting away the offensive tea set while the good guests are in the house.

It’s something that Conor O’Brien, the Villagers songwriter has addressed on the brand new single ‘Occupy Your Mind’, a track not featured on {Awayland} and recorded with producer James Ford in London.

“This place called home is no longer mine…. there’s a government warning, they don’t like our kind.”

The song is imbued with James Ford’s trademark Simian Mobile Disco pulsing synth lines (though I think they are Villagers’ ideas) and is a message of solidarity to those in Russia (and elsewhere) who cannot be themselves. The track is available now.