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My ones to watch for 2010

My ones to watch for 2010


6. I Am the Cosmos

Ross Turner is known for his drumming skills having sat behind the kit for One Day International, Lisa Hannigan and Jape. On his own accord, he’s been producing some wistful electronica that last year featured on 20 Jazz Funk Greats. This year will see him play live for the first time and work up a collection of “solid gold nuggets” to that end. To get you started though, there are four tunes on his myspace for you to get acquainted with. Watch out for his State Mix next week too.

I Am The Cosmos – Remembering You

7. Penguin Prison

A electro-pop kid from New York releasing also releasing through Neon Gold Records. ‘A Funny Thing’ is the tune which turned heads and moved feet last year.

Let’s hope he steers clear of the “corny Caribbean cod-reggae” of his other tune ‘Animal Animal’ though. That shit sucks. More of this though please.

Penguin Prison- A Funny Thing

8. Baby Monster

‘Ultra Violence and Beethoven’ was the tune last year that piqued my interest and that was quickly followed by their remix of Wolf Gang’s ‘Pieces of You’ which far exceeded the original. A twosome from Oregon they are and that’s about all I know to be honest. Their music is a mix of electro and pop sensibilities – think a darker version of Passion Pit in remix mode.

Baby Monster – Ultra Violence and Beethoven

Wolf Gang – Pieces of You (Baby Monster remix)

9. Joy Orbison

Oft-covered here before. As I said recently, featured in the Sound of 2010 BBC poll. His productions are few so far but oh so sweet. They strike a chord between dub, electronica, ambient and techno without sounding like any particular genre. ‘Hyph Mngo’ and ‘Wet Look’ got him noticed last year and two new songs ‘Brklyn Chlln’ and ‘She Dressed in Her Best’ popped up recently. This version of the former is taken from Martyn’s Fabric mix.

He’s also just announced a new EP called The Shrew which can be streamed here and is out next month.

Joy Orbison – Brklyn Chlln

10. Holly Miranda

Swoonsome ethereal songs from Brooklyn-based singer. ‘Forest Green Oh Forest Green’ is the one that initially hooked us with its light-footed and flighty arrangement and the not-daft saxophone additions.

Forthcoming album The Magicians Private Library (she runs a blog of the same name) is produced by Dave Sitek and is out on XL on February 23rd or thereabouts. I have to credit Aoife for introducing me to Ms. Miranda on her 2XM show. Interview with Dummy magazine here.

Holly Miranda – Forest Green Oh Forest Green

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