I Am Cosmos have released a very colourful video for the title track and Nialler9 Irish song of the year entrant ‘Nothing But Love’ by Cliona Ni Laoi. The song features undulating sonics and backing vocals by Maria Somerville.

The launch for Nothing But Love EP takes place this Friday at Bello Bar. Tickets are priced at €10+ and available from Eventbrite.

The EP is out on Art To Blind Records.

Posted on December 14th, 2017


Ross Turner and Cian Murphy’s I Am The Cosmos project isn’t exactly what you’d call prolific but the duo have made some electronic music that should stand the test of time since their inception that has been a regular feature on this site since 2012 album Monochrome.

Their newest music has moved more in an analogue house vein and the four tracks on the new release Nothing But Love EP feel like the result of music that has been pored over yet care has been ensured that the fun has been left in. Sometimes, as they told This Greedy Pig, that means scrapping an entire album to follow your instincts.

We’ve already heard ‘Making Me Wait’ from the EP on Art For Blind and there’s a lot of joy to be extracted from the other three songs on the EP – from the undulating sonics of the title track with backing vocals by Maria Somerville, the deep bass and percussive hits of ‘Understand Your Limits’ to the expansive gear-shifting ‘Death Is Not The End’.

Buy the vinyl or digital EP on Bandcamp.

They are in Leap in Cork this weekend and Bello Bar Dublin on December 15th.
The EP’s cover art is a painting by 12-year-old Labhaoise Murphy, who is Cian’s niece.

Posted on November 21st, 2017


Music from I Am The Cosmos, the electronic project of Ross Turner and Cian Murphy is always welcome around these parts.

‘Making Me Wait’ is the lead track from the duo’s forthcoming EP Nothing But Love, their first since the one-off 12″ ‘Letting It Go’ last year.

The EP is released on Sligo label Art For Blind on 12″ in the Autumn and was written, produced, recorded and mixed in the National Concert Hall.

‘Making Me Wait’ is on Bandcamp now and spins their music in a further direction towards the dancefloor with the guts of analogue house music at its core.

The EP’s cover art is a painting by Labhaoise Murphy, who is Cian’s niece and just 12 years of age.
I Am The Cosmos play Another Love Story festival this Saturday 19th August 2017.

Posted on August 17th, 2017



Lumo’s all-day summer outdoor and indoor party returns for its second year this Saturday in the Garda Boat Club in Chapelizod.

We’ll be starting on the lawn from 2pm and moving inside the function room for the night at sundown.  We’ll have a full bar too (it’s not BYOB).  We’ll also have Surf’n’Fries – Ireland down on the food front. There’s also be some free Absolut + Lime drinks on arrival for early partiers. Please note: THE BAR IS CASH ONLY.

We’re delighted to present for you dancing shoes, mind and feet:

I Am The Cosmos (Live)

 Cian Murphy and Ross Turner’s live analogue synthesizer dance music has drawn from the best of synth-disco, house rhythms and electronic music. This is a rare live set from the boys.

DJ Deece

Kildare’s finest. Niall D’arcy is a DJ who has become the most wanted in Ireland with appearances on Boiler Room,Annie Mac’s Lost & Found Festival and regular all-night long sets in Dublin. He just made a mix for Feel My Bicep. We’re proud to host the Inspector Norse-loving dude who probably DJs in his sleep too.

Lumo Club DJs

Nialler9, Gavin Elsted and Simon Roche will be keeping things moving with individual and B2B sets throughout the day and night.

Here’s a playlist of our Lumo summer jams:

Sing Along Social (Yacht Rock special)

Aoife McElwain’s commitment-free choir singalong is a riot of lyrics, lungs, passion, props and participation. For the Summer Party, we will be singing along to Yacht Rock classics like Michael McDonald, Toto, Steve Winwood and the Doobie Brothers.

Lads…. the craic. Thank you 💕🏆 #singalongsocial #bodysoul17 #singalongsocial

A post shared by Sing Along Social (@singalongsocial) on

Olivia Chau

Olivia Chau has been part of the music scene in Limerick for over a decade now. If she isn’t running, promoting or playing at gigs, she is at gigs. She’s been DJing around Limerick for the last 6 years and brings her own unique and kitsch-y blend of Disco, Pop, Indie, and House music to the masses.


Early birds: SOLD OUT
All-day & night: €15 + Fees
On Door price: €20.

Stage Times

2 – 4:30pmLumo DJs
4:30 – 5:30pmSing Along Social
5:30 – 7:30pmOlivia Chau
7:30 – 8pmLumo DJs
8:30 – 9:00pmLumo DJs
9:00 – 11:00pmDJ Deece
11:00 – 12:00amI Am The Cosmos
12:00am – 2.30amLumo DJs


Venue is near Phoenix Park, Chapelizod Road and War Memorial Park.

Regular buses passing include: 25, 26, 66, 66a, 66b, 67

Posted on June 30th, 2017


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Loose Joints is a podcast where we talk to a guest and play music they like new and old. True to the name, the podcast features a loose collection of tunes, tied together by very little logic, just like our chats. Nialler9 and Sally Cinnamon are your hosts.

This month’s guests is Cian Murphy, one half of I Am The Cosmos, and music shop dude at Freebird Records. Last year’s 12″ release is a taster of what’s coming from the synth-electronic duo.

This month’s chat we talk to Cian about influential Cosmos music, get deep into new age, why Gorillaz cartoon characters are not better than Zig & Zag, Steely Dan and some great new music selections.

Download: Loose Joints Podcast #8: Cian Murphy (78MB, 1 hour 20mins)


Visible Cloaks – Terrazzo
New Jackson – Put The Love In It
Gorillaz – Strobelite feat. Peven Everett
Kathy Heidelman – Sleep A Million Years
Joint Loose Joints Joint : Mac Demarco – For The First Time
Mr Fingers – Waterfall
System – Almost Grown
Everything Is Recorded – Close to You feat. Sampha
Richenel – Autumn

Subscribe in iTunes.

Also available in Stitcher, PocketCasts and TuneIn.

Special thanks to Sean Corcoran for producing / recording.

#7: Cian Murphy
#6: Gib Cassidy.
#5: Best of 2016 with May Kay.
#4: Aisling Rogerson
#3: Emmet Kirwan.
#2: Oisin Davis.
#1: Aidan Kelly.

Posted on May 18th, 2017


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Another Love Story, the boutique little festival of music, art, fun, talks and installations by Homebeat & Happenings in Killyon Manor, Meath has announced its first list of acts for this year’s festival from Friday 18th – Sunday 20th August.

  • Katie Kim
  • Overhead The Albatross
  • JFDR
  • This Is How We Fly
  • I Am The Cosmos
  • Bantum
  • Replete
  • Wry Myrrh
  • Margie Jean Lewis
  • Ailbhe Reddy
  • Tomorrows
  • Buffalo Woman
  • Hilary Woods
  • Carriages
  • Wastefellow
  • Oose
  • Beach
  • Let’s Set Sail
  • Saint Caoilin
  • My Fellow Sponges
  • Doubtlands
  • Attention Bebe’s Big Top Sundown Rave Up
  • NCH Gamelan Orchestra


  • The Another Love Story Soundsystem Massive
  • Cian O’Ciobhain
  • Tim O’Donovan
  • Bodytonic Djs
  • DJ Hula Hoops
  • Sing Along Social
  • My House Djs
  • The Thin Air Djs


  • The Shift Shack
  • The Front Room
  • The Library by YHRF
  • The Big Stretchy
  • For Conor This Must Be The Place
  • My House presents : The Great Western Ballroom

More lineup additions, antics, food and more to be released.


Tickets​ (Includes regular weekend camping):
ALS ’17 Tier 1 €100 [SOLD OUT]
ALS ’17 Tier 2 €135 [SOLD OUT]
ALS ’17 Tier 3 €155 [SOLD OUT]
ALS ’17 Tier 4 €185

Boutique Camping​ (does not include weekend ticket):
4M Tent (sleeps 4) €265
5M Tent (sleeps 6) €380
6M Tent (sleeps 8) €550
Bed & bedding extra if required. Please see website for full details

Other Details
No Sunday camping – event runs 19.00 Fri Aug 18th – 19.00 Sun Aug 20th.
Under 12’s go free accompanied by adult
12-18 year olds are not permitted
Dogs Free! (it’s a dog’s life)

Out of the trembling darkness, a glimpse, a sharp intake of breath,
the impatient softness of the sudden clasp of joined hands.
All that has happened falls away,
all that is yet to come stretches infinitely into the
inescapable certainty of fate.
Faster, faster. Spinning, spiraling, Over and under,
Straight on till the break of dawn.
Together is the most important thing..

Posted on April 12th, 2017


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Gavin Elsted is one of the three resident DJs at Lumo Club (alongside myself and Simon Roche), the monthly night which celebrated being a a year-old in Yamamori Tengu in Dublin in October, a year in which we also took the club ethos to Body & Soul, Metropolis, Forbidden Fruit and most recently, Dingle this weekend.

Gavin is also the producer known as Adultrock, who released the fine Push & Pull EP this year.

The next Lumo is Thursday December 22nd – our Christmas party. Tickets here.

Here are his top 10 tracks of 2016:


Youandewan – ‘Waiting for L’

From one of my favourite albums this year. I had seen the name knocking about for a while and one of the online retailers like Phonica or Juno had posted this tune and I was hooked. Subtle, minimal instrumentation but a lot of emotional power in this track.


Pional – ‘The Way You Like’ (feat Empress Of)

One of two tracks featuring Empress Of on my list. Pional’s productions are always very special and this is no different – equally at home on mainstream radio as it would be in the club.


Parple – ‘Sacred’

I think I’ve played this at nearly every Lumo since I got my hands on it. A muscular modular workout from John Talabot under a pseudonym, this never fails to get bodies moving. The best bit is when it cuts to just the beat and the bassline – you can hear the tops off from a mile away.


Machinedrum – ‘Do It 4 U’ (feat Dawn)

I am fond of the occasional bit of maximalism and this definitely ticks the hyper hyper box for me. Very close to something off Rustie’s Glass Swords but more hook-laden and a bit more direct.


I Am The Cosmos – ‘Letting It Go’

A beat, a bassline and vocals. That’s all this is and yet it manages to be as engaging as anything else you’re likely to hear. If this is what the full-length that this is from is going to sound like, I can’t wait to hear it.


Empress Of – ‘Woman is a Word’

My favourite pop song of 2016, hands down. Must have listened to it about 20 times on repeat when I first heard it. Super hooky, direct and to the point – no messing about.


Cloud Nothings – ‘Modern Act’

Single handedly keeping me in shouty guitar man land are Cloud Nothings. This is technically a 2017 tune because the album’s not out yet but as teasers go it’s pretty enticing. Plus I wanted to put Brand New in here but I don’t think I’d get away with it.


Asa Moto – ‘Wanowan Efem’

Super slinky electronic funk from the DeeWee label. One for earlier in the night to encourage loosening up, a secret weapon in the warm up for me.


V – ‘La Nouvelle Epoque’

From the split with Ripperton (I reckon V is actually Ripperton as his remix history would suggest) on Fort Romeau’s Cin Cin label, classic chugging electro complete with New Order-alike bassline and Blue Monday-choirs. No complaints here.


Mmoths – ‘Eva’

I think the Mmoths record is an incredibly accomplished piece of work and this is the standout from it. Deft touches to the tune bring it out of the machinery it was made on and back towards a starker, more humanised sound.

Posted on December 6th, 2016


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Three years on from the release of Monochrome, the debut album from Ross Turner and Cian Murphy as I Am The Cosmos and the presence of its analogue synthesizer dance music in my regular listening has never diminished.

Where Monochrome was inspired by a single song from the Japanese band Mariah, a band who have inspired and moved crate diggers and music outliers alike, the band’s new material, live in recent shows, had much more muscle.

‘Letting Go’ and ‘Taciturning On You’ are the first bits of new original music from I Am The Cosmos since Monochrome and there is a marked difference in the approach.

The A-side follows the band’s remix of Girls Names last year, all pulsing synthesizer electronics, swallowing Joy Division vocals that itself starts to lose control echoing the title.

The B-side ‘Taciturning On You’ premiered here on Nialler9 for the first time, relies on meandering atmosphere before a motorik rhythm and billowing oriental synth notes dominates the instrumental track.

The Single is released on Happy Valley Records (Lung Dart, Hazing, Cloud Castle Lake) on 1st July backed with a Lumigraph remix. iTunes link. / 12″ Pre-order.

I Am The Cosmos Live dates

02/07/16: Castlepalooza Festival, Offaly IE
07/07/16: The Nines, London UK
16/07/16: Bello Bar, Dublin with This Greedy Pig, Padraic E. Moore.

Photo by Dorje De Burgh.

Posted on June 14th, 2016



The synth-loving electronic duo of I Am The Cosmos have reimagined ‘I Go’, a track from Jape’s recent album This Chemical Sea and have roped in Cathal Cully of the Belfast-based band Girls Names on vocals.

Their version is built on hard-edged arpeggiated synth notes, which their new music has been delving more and more into, while Cully provides some extra dark punk energy.

The original:

Jape plays Vicar Street next Saturday December 12th with support from Pleasure Beach.

Join us, and him, for the afterparty buzz at Bar Tengu at our third Lumo Club night where Richie is the special guest DJ.

Photo by Dorje De Burgh .

Posted on December 3rd, 2015

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Over three days and nights in Cork the Sounds From A Safe Harbour’s programme took hold in the venues of the city that saw the likes of Lisa Hannigan, Wild Beasts, The National’s Bryce and Aaron Dessner, Richard Reed Parry, Crash Ensemble and many more contemporary artists play shows in a new festival put together by Mary Hickson of the Cork Opera House and curated by Bryce Dessner.

It was a superb first year, with bonded warehouse food, cocktail bars, gigs and talks; exhibitions and screenings and an attendance that further suggested Cork was more than ready for this unique style of contemporary/classical yet alternative-leaning festival to dock in the city.

As part of the whole experience, I curated a free music trail around 5 pubs/venues in the city including Crane Lane, Bodega, The Oval, Poor Relation and BDSM which featured shows from My Brightest Diamond, I Am The Cosmos, Rusangano Family, Bantum, Shookrah, This Is The Kit, I Have A Tribe, Katharine Phillippa, Somerville, Quiet River Of Dust, Slow Skies, Loah, Conor Walsh, Deady, Adultrock, Talos and more.

If you missed out, here’s flavour of the weekend through the lens of Bríd O’Donovan. Here’s to the hope of the return of the festival next year. Thanks Mary, Bryce and Cork for having me too.

Posted on September 22nd, 2015


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Next weekend, the Sounds From A Safe Harbour festival will take over the port and city of Cork.

Curated by Bryce Dessner of The National, the festival will feature shows from The Gloaming, Wild Beasts,Julianna Barwick, My Brightest Diamond, Sam Amidon, a collaboration between Lisa Hannigan and Aaron Dessner, Valgeir Sigurðsson, Amiina, This Is How We Fly; Donal Dineen, Crash Ensemble, Eat My Noise and more.

As part of the festival, I’ve put together a free music trail taking place across three days and nights in Rising Sons’ venues Crane Lane, Bodega, Poor Relation, The Oval and BDSM starting on Culture Night on Friday 18th with Rusangano Family and happening in between the main gigs on Saturday afternoon and late night.

Playing are:

My Brightest Diamond, I Am The Cosmos, Rusangano Family, Bantum, Shookrah, This Is The Kit, Mina Tindle, I Have A Tribe, Katharine Phillippa, Somerville, Quiet River Of Dust (featuring Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry) Slow Skies, Fish Go Deep, Loah, Conor Walsh, Deady, Adultrock, Talos, Colm K, Vinyl Love.

Facebook event | Festival





2PM Bodega

Slow Skies (@ BDSM)

3pm Bodega

Katharine PhillippaSomerville (@ BDSM)

4pm The Oval

TalosConor Walsh

5PM Bodega

Rusangano FamilyThis Is The KitLOAH

6pm Bodega

ShookrahDeadyI Have A Tribe

7PM Crane Lane

Mina TindleMy Brightest DiamondQuiet River Of Dust (feat. Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire)

11PM Poor Relation

I Am The CosmosBantum

Midnight Poor Relation

Vinyl LoveAdultrockFish Go Deep (@ Bodega)

01:00 – close

Vinyl LoveColm K (DJ set)Fish Go Deep (@ Bodega)

Posted on September 9th, 2015


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Sounds from a Safe Harbour is a new festival taking place around the city of Cork from September 17th to 20th. put together by Cork Opera House with a lineup curated by Bryce Dessner of The National.

Already set to feature the likes of The Gloaming, Julianna Barwick, My Brightest Diamond, Sam Amidon, a collaboration between Lisa Hannigan and Aaron Dessner, Valgeir Sigurðsson, Amiina and lots more as previously announced, today the festival have added Wild Beasts to their lineup. The band will headline Cork Opera House on Sunday, September 20th.

Sounds from a Safe Harbour music trail

On a personal note, I’m pleased to share the news that Nialler9 is curating a music trail around the city that weekend which will take place in various venues and pubs owned by Benny McCabe including the Rising Sons brewery, Bodega and more.

The confirmed lineup for the free music trail which will take place in the afternoons, evenings and late-night during the festival includes Slow Skies, I Am The Cosmos, Rusangano Family, Somerville, Bantum, Talos, Shookrah, Conor Walsh and Vinyl Love with more to be confirmed. Artists from the existing lineup will also be playing these music trail shows.

Other confirmations

Soundings from a Safe Harbour – Lisa Hannigan and Dylan Haskins’ podcast turned live show will welcome Bryce, Aaron and Jessica Dessner in the unique setting of a Bonded Warehouse down on the Port of Cork. The show happens in three sections – the first is stories to inspire, then stories to alarm, and finally stories to humour. Each section is bridged by a song on those themes.

Cork salad king Rocketman will host a food area at the Bonded Warehouse which will include Cork food, food trails and special dining experiences.

The Glucksman will present a week long exhibition of the mesmerising seascapes of renowned Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto. The exhibition will take place in one of the interior chambers of the historic observatory on the UCC Campus, evoking the connection between tide and moon, sea and stars.

A screening of Matthew Ritchie’s ‘Monstrance’, which is scored by Bryce Dessner and features Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond).

‘Sail to Sirius’ – Saturday 19 September. A vessel will leave Port of Cork with 40 souls, bound for Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh. On board, the seafarers will be treated to a live performance by Landless before alighting at Sirius for lunch on the venue’s veranda, overlooking Cork Harbour. This will be followed with a double billed performance by Rainwear and Sirius Arts Centre’s artist in residence Nad Spiro.

Cork’s own Alex Petcu-Colan will present a percussion programme in CIT School of Music’s Curtis Auditorium with a programme entitled WoodMetalWater with the Bangers and Crash Percussion group.

Craig Carry of Fractured Air is teaming up with Filter Cafe for an exhibition of work created in response to the festival programme.

Cork Concert Orchestra and the Lords of Strut will also play over the weekend.

Some shows are free, some are ticketed and you can buy a ticket for all shows all at the Ticket section.

Check out the Fractured Air mix to coincide with the news:

A Safe Harbour Vol. 2 [A Fractured Air Mix] by Fractured_Air on Mixcloud

Posted on July 20th, 2015


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Update: Clu have just been added to the lineup for a DJ set after their big performance at Body&Soul this past weekend.

Block T are celebrating five years of being cool boys and girls who facilitate creative, artistic and performing arts through their space and organisation. I put on a couple of gigs with them last year and they were lots of fun.

Their fifth year celebration is called Sensorium and it happens on all-day Saturday July 4th at District 8 / the Tivoli on Francis Street in collaboration with myself, Archetype and Ensemble. It’s also a fundraiser for Block-T.

The lineup features a host acts and DJs including:

I Am The Cosmos
Trinity Orchestra
Rusangano Family
Attention Bebe
Donal Dineen
Benny Smiles
and more…

There will be visuals by Slipdraft, The Light Fantastic, and Glow Depot with food and more. Tickets start at €17.50.

Edit: Huxley, Ed Davenport, Voisky and Gavin Phil Junior were originally on the bill but are no longer.

Posted on June 25th, 2015


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Bodytonic and Hidden Agenda just threw a spanner in the works for your August bank holiday plans with the reveal of The BeatYard happening in Dun Laoghaire Harbour on August 1st and 2nd.

Music guests include:

Sister Sledge, Lindstrom, Four Tet, Neneh Cherry, Madlib, I Am The Cosmos, Public Service Broadcasting, Barrington Levy, Horse Meat Disco, Midnight Magic, Embrz, RiZA, Craig Charles, DJ Marky, Telephones, Optimo vs. Eamon Harkin (Mister Saturday Night), Sim Simma and more.

There are also a whole lot of food and drink options like 3FE Barista Jam, Big Blue Bus, Teddy’s ice Cream (naturally), Angel Churros, Staple Foods, Suhas Falafel, Brewtonic Beer Hall and Wine-yl Ville.

There’s also Graffiti, The Gamesyard with The Back R.A.G.E and Pinball Parlour; Dub City Sneaks (Dublin’s first sneaker fair), vinyl records, crazy golf and more.

Looks ridiculous.

Early bird tickets are €49+ on sale for the weekend or €29+ per day.

Posted on May 28th, 2015


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The Nialler9 TXFM show airs every Thursday night at 10pm for two hours. You can listen live on 105.2FM, online, the TXFM app or if you missed it, on the listen back function on the site, as per below. The show starts six minutes in, right after the news in each hour.

For the first time, I had guests on the show last night. Clu joined by in hour two to talk about their upcoming Fringe show on Saturday night.


  1. The 2 Bears  – ‘Not This Time’
  2. Theophilus London –  ‘Tribe’ (feat. Jesse Boykins III)
  3. Flying Lotus  – ‘Never Catch Me’ (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
  4. SBTRKT  – ‘Higher’ (feat. Raury)
  5. Au Revoir Simone –  ‘Love You Don’t Know Me’ (I Am The Cosmos Remix)
  6. TV on the Radio –  ‘Happy Idiot’
  7. My Brightest Diamond  – ‘Lover Killer’
  8. Mansionair –  ‘Hold Me Down’
  9. Anna of the North – ‘Sway’
  10. letthemusicplay  – ‘Our Town’ (Joe Goddard Dub) [feat. Kate Tempest]
  11. Dimman –  ‘SIGMAL’
  12. Real Lies –  ‘North Circular’


  1. Clu  – ‘Zenith’
  2. *Interview with Clu* (Clu –  ‘Mirrors’  in background)
  3. Clu –  ‘Odds 4’
  4. Objekt –  ‘Ganzfeld’ (Clu’s new music pick)
  5. Weval –  ‘Detian’
  6. Les Sins –  ‘Bother’
  7. Aphex Twin –  ‘minipops 67’ [120.2][source field mix]
  8. QT  – ‘Hey QT’

Clu interview

Posted on September 12th, 2014


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