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Watch an ’80s Ireland breakdance megamix video

Watch an ’80s Ireland breakdance megamix video

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Paul Cheevers put together a collection of old RTE clips showing some of the body-popping, body-locking dance moves that went on in the era. Footage is taken from Borderline, Newsline, the TV show Boom Babies set in Ballymun and the Top Of The Pops/ The Tube-style show Megamix.

Collection of old dance videos from the Eighties including the programme Megamix which hosted most of the dancers of that era, Paul Cheevers, Badser, Maro, crews dancing solo for Maxi Priest dizzy footwork-style, Bandits, the Floor masters, Mucko, the Ultimate,T ommy Egan and director Fintan Cullen.

The video has a few fine examples of 80s Ireland.

A Flock Of Seagulls-style hairstyle


A serious Ronnie


A Coolock audience unimpressedby the dancers


This guy’s fine business style


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