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Watch: Grimes brushes up on the Art of War in video for new single ‘Violence’

Watch: Grimes brushes up on the Art of War in video for new single ‘Violence’

Trying to keep up with the happenings surrounding Claire Boucher (Grimes) can be a bit dizzying.

Her long-awaited 5th studio album, titled Miss_Anthropocene, has been verging on the edge of release for an age – though it’s more likely than not going to see the light of day sometime in 2019.

Some of these delays have been attributed to label issues, a twitter post announced on December 2017 that new music was done, another shortly after that music would not be forthcoming due to “my piece of shit label” (Source)

A single, entitled ‘We Appreciate Power‘, did surface last year. That nu-metal/bubblegum pop blend was certainly a new direction for the Vancouver native.

However, a since-deleted (we told you this was a dizzying) Instagram post said that ‘Violence’ would be the first single released from Miss_Anthropocene. (Source)

While that leaves us just a little in limbo, we did get a clear sign that Grimes does have new music under her belt.

Today, she released a new single called ‘Violence’ and an enrapturing video to accompany it.

Grimes & i_o - Violence (Official Video)

Opening with Boucher reading Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War, the video for ‘Violence’ in many ways distils the nebulous aesthetics which inform her work. Parts classical antiquity, straight-up pop, vaporwave and, of course, comic book vernacular.

It’s a mixed platter, made all the more eclectic by producer i_o’s instrumental, which reminds me a little of something Deadmau5 would have done on a song like ‘I Remember’, but Grimes sticks the landing.

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