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Watch: Hazey Haze drops new animated video for ‘Bainne agus Mil’

Watch: Hazey Haze drops new animated video for ‘Bainne agus Mil’

Limerick wordsmith Hazey Haze has dropped a new animated music video for the opening track off his Milk & Honey mixtape, released earlier this year.

Created by the Irish animation and production company Krooked Tease, the video for Bainne agus Mil explores life in Limerick’s Island Field as well as the fictional world the bearded rapper has created in Milk & Honey.

Reflecting the laid-back feeling of the opening track, the animation features Hazey as he takes a relaxed ride on a go-kart along through the Island Field before arriving in the “land of milk and honey”.

The lads went all out in this one. Such an accurate layout of the island, from an aerial view to cruising through the streets. I feel they captured everything perfectly even the garden gates are exact.

Hazey Haze

Milk & Honey is a mixtape made up of songs Hazey Haze and Danny Lanham (who has worked on a serious amount of releases this year) produced together since the release of Epitome – which came out in 2022.

The mixtape consists of 14 tracks with all types of emotions seeping through from start to finish.

It’s always a pleasure to work on projects with local Limerick talents like Hazey. We are big fans of the music and I could really visualise what I wanted to create for Bainne Agus Mil. The concept was to incorporate an aspect of life in the island field visually but also exploring a fictional world where rivers of milk flow, and honey trees drip!

Jake O’Connor – Krooked Tease Animations

The video for Bainne Agus Mil is out now on Youtube. The mixtape, Milk & Honey, is currently available on Bandcamp but will be hitting all streaming platforms very soon.

Hazey Haze will play the Summer Sessions at the Record Room this Thursday.

Watch the video for Bainne Agus Mil below:

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