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Watch Slow Riot’s stylish & dystopian video for ‘Absent Dreams’

Watch Slow Riot’s stylish & dystopian video for ‘Absent Dreams’


Limerick alt-rock band Slow Riot have just signed a deal with UK label Killing Moon, bringing their angular atmosphere to potentially bigger audiences.

‘Absent Dreams’, the band’s new single has that modern post-punk edge found in Interpol’s music and the stylish video by director Lukasz Pytlik and shot in Warsaw features the supernatural kind of car journey you hope you never have. It has heavy ’80s inspirations like Tron and Spielberg but also H. P. Lovecraft’s horror fiction.

“The idea for the Absent Dreams video came to me almost subliminally, without thinking directly about it” director Lukasz Pytlik tells us, “all of a sudden I started to visualise hallucinatory images of an Octopus, a man’s descent into madness, and dark city streets which just tied together with the title of the track so well. The treatment then started to write itself…it all felt very ‘Lovecraft-ian’ in both its evolution and imagery. Shooting the idea was a challenge in itself as it’s predominantly set within the confines of a car. We had to use 10mm lenses – the same ones as used in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas – just to be able to capture the action. And working with the smell of a dead octopus certainly took some getting used to.”

Slow Riot have some gigs coming up.

Slow Riot Tour dates

October 29th – Support to Windings @ Whelans, Dublin
November 10th – Sebright Arms, London
November 12th – Kasbah, Limerick
November 19th – The Warzone Centre, Belfast