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Watch Musicmaker & Collective Film’s Dreamers Of Dreams’ Christmas film ad

Watch Musicmaker & Collective Film’s Dreamers Of Dreams’ Christmas film ad


Dublin music shop Musicmaker and creative agency Collective Film have teamed up to make a short film that serves as a nice advertisement for both the power of music, and the shop itself to mark Christmas.

Starring Jessie Thompson, who you may recognise from music videos like Big Love’s ‘Lily’, ‘Dreamers of Dreams’ was shot 6k by Collective Films, whih shows an aspiring bassist called Jade, and the journey that seeing her dream instrument in the shop window takes her.

Musicmaker has been supporting generations of Irish musicians for over 40 years. We hope the piece encapsulates the idea of following your musical dreams, whether that’s learning your favourite song in your bedroom, playing in front of your friends, or dreaming of that big gig under lights with your adoring fans chanting your name. Musicmaker are a facilitator for the country’s dreamers, providing the tools (instruments) they require to follow through on that dream. Collective Films encapsulated our vision/brief beautifully.”

John Paul Prior, General Manager,

“What if at Christmas instead of being encouraged to buy more stuff we were inspired to believe in ourselves? When I wrote this story it was crucial she found the right home, a place which is really committed to community, space and nurturing people. Musicmaker are all of the above and more, as well as being entirely independent. I love them.”

Mark Logan, writer director 

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