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Watch the new video for Young Wonder’s ‘Birth’

Watch the new video for Young Wonder’s ‘Birth’


The penultimate track on Young Wonder’s album Birth is also the title song, and Brendan Canty aka Feel Good Lost made a video for it, when inspiration struck one night.

It’s a pretty special video for me as I haven’t done something abstract and experimental in a long while. So it was refreshing to make.

One night a repair truck was parked across the road from my house. It’s amber lights were so strong that they lit up my room, dancing across my walls. I noticed a glass of water on my window sill and how the water warped the lights into weird and beautiful shapes. So I decided to film this straight for 6 minutes, challenging myself to find as many interesting angles as I could. I loved how the footage turned out and wanted to create a video made entirely from that one shot.

Young Wonder play Cyprus Avenue in Cork this Saturday with Talos and Daithí. Get tickets

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