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Watch the video for Jape’s ‘Instrumental For The Lonely’ (Sentinel Video Project)

Watch the video for Jape’s ‘Instrumental For The Lonely’ (Sentinel Video Project)


Over the course of the last while, Jape has been publicising the eight videos made for the Sentinel Video Project, which features eight directors making visuals for each of the eight songs on his recent album Sentinel.

We featured the fifth one back in April, after the project began in November with director Brendan Canty enlisted others to direct. The latest, ‘Instrumental For The Lonely’ was made and directed by Ais Ais Brady.

Brady says:

“The track ‘Instrumental for the lonely’ is so beautiful, it has the feeling that you gently journey along with it. I wanted to create a film that was simple and intimate. I loved the idea of focusing on one character and shooting within the confinements of four walls. The crew were incredible. I’d like to especially thank our DoP Christian Huck who captured everything so delicately. I’m thrilled with the outcome. 

Ais Brady and the crew made something so beautiful and intimate with, ‘Instrumental for the Lonely’ … A meditation on the privacy of loss and how love can transcend physical presence. The idea really made sense when she described it to me and the wonderful video stayed with me long after watching.

Richie Egan, Jape.

The title track directed by TJ O’Grady-Peyton and featuring Carrie Crowley was also released in June.