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Watch the video for Paddy Hanna’s ‘Camaraderie’

Watch the video for Paddy Hanna’s ‘Camaraderie’


‘Camaraderie’, the B-side to Paddy Hanna’s excellent recent single ‘Austria’ is his most honest track to date a song that addresses being depressed.

“Last summer I was crippled with depression, to the point where I was physically and mentally too sick to stand. I spent many weeks alone in my cottage growing ever more paranoid of the outside world and the joyful cheers of the summer crowd. The song (cCmaraderie) concerns losing touch with how it feels to be human in a tourist town.”

The video by Luke Byrne puts Hanna in an idyllic Howth house but suggests that home comforts can’t overcome the mental struggle within.

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Paddy plays the Bello Bar on June 13th.