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Watch three Irish rock bands perform under a railway line in North Strand, Dublin

Underline is what happened when three loud Irish rock bands, Ten Past Seven, Turning Down Sex & Crowhammer played Guerrilla, a studio run by John ‘Spud’ Murphy that is housed under a railway line in North Strand in Dublin. It was captured by The PracticeTapes.

The studio has recently been the scene of albums from Hands Up Who Wants to Die and Crayonsmith with music recorded there recently by The Jimmy Cake, Katie Kim, Chirps, Crowhammer, Percolator, Nippons and the September Girls. Check the YT video for tracklist for each band or below:

Ten Past Seven

1/ The Viewing Point (00:00)
2/ Egg Language (05:05)
3/ Conjunctivitis (09:30)
4/ Cookies (15:10)
5/ No Bother (19:58)
6/ Orientation (26:12)
7/ Johnston’s Cows (32:40)

Turning Down Sex

1/ Council of the Crow (40:11)
2/ Deep Sea Diva (43:25)
3/ Kathi Burke (45:25)
4/ The Adventures of Donald Duff & Henry Elder (47:09)
5/ Crowning of the Fetus King (48:58)
6/ The IRA Think I’m Gay (50:24)
7/ No Retreat (No Spill Blood -Cover) (51:55)
8/ The Little Train That Fuck (54:26)
9/ Nests (55:15)
10/ Cooperative Breeding (58:05)


1/ Wizard & Flame (01:01:31)
2/ Bronntanassaurus (01:16:37)
3/ Radiant Silvergun (01:23:58)
4/ Chonaic mé an Eagle (01:33:46)

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