Wigwam hosting Move Your Body for MS treatment costs fundraiser

Wigwam are set to host a Move Your Body for MS night on February 13. The event, which will see DJ sets by Kaycee, Sarah Mooney, Kaily, DJ Deece and George Feely, is being run to raise funds for A Stem of Hope For Sinéad.

A Stem Of Hope for Sinéad is a charitable organisation set up by Shauna Costello to raise money for her aunt Sinead Kirkland. Sinéad was diagnosed with Progressive-Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis (PRMS), a rare form of MS that is characterized by a steadily worsening disease state from the beginning, with acute relapses but no remissions. Sinéad has been extremely brave in dealing with her illness, looking after her children and continuing to work. Over the last few months, however, her symptoms have drastically worsened.

A Stem Of Hope for Sinéad is raising funds to get Sinéad to Mexico to get Chemotherapy with stem cell treatment (HSCT). This whole process will cost at least 50,000 euro to do, as the treatment is not available here or in the UK. Additional
costs are needed on her return she will need to be off work for a year and pay privately for medical care.

Tickets for the event are €15 and, if the event sells out, it could raise €5000 for Sinéad. Tickets are available on Eventbrite and you can also donate money through GoFundMe.


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