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New Irish duo Xo Mo showcase lush soundscapes in the big pop of ‘Wild Dogs’

Xo Mo are the electronic Mullingar hailing duo Jordan and Elliot.

The pair have been creating a bit of hype since their inception two years ago and have released a steady stream of polished singles that caught our attention first last March.

Their new single ‘Wild Dogs’ sees official release this Friday 15th and we’re giving you an exclusive first listen to it here.

Xo Mo have a flare for creating electronically infused music that sits comfortably around a strong, soaring vocal and this is showcased no better than in this track. ‘Wild Dogs’ song blends digital synths with bouncing hip-hop beats, enhanced and complimented by Jordan’s lead vocal the builds gradually throughout the song.

Coming in just over 4-minutes, the track crosses over into sure pop territory at times and there’s some sure soul influences there too, but these are all secondary to the prevalent electro parasol.

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