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little xs for eyes – ‘Somewhere with a Dancefloor’ (video)

little xs for eyes – ‘Somewhere with a Dancefloor’ (video)


Little xs for eyes are pretty badass. Their new video has them dealing with the very real threat, dear readers, of the office papercut. In the face of such imminent and unforgiving danger, they persevered in the name of art and created this music video presentation with Roricam for ‘Somewhere with a Dancefloor’, their new free download single which in these economically-challenged times comes back with a remix of ‘Summer Never Comes’ by the band’s bass player as Fearsome Floors.

Disclaimer: This video features professional paper fighters who were trained to perform paper stunts in a controlled, managed environment. Please do not attempt to emulate any of the stunts performed here either at home or in a public office. Be Paper Safe, paper cuts sting like a bee.

Godspeed, ye office heroes.

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