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Album of the Week: Young Montana? – Limerence

Album of the Week: Young Montana? – Limerence


limerence (plural limerences)
An involuntary state of mind which seems to result from a romantic attraction for another person combined with an overwhelming, obsessive need to have one’s feelings reciprocated.

Young Montana?’s tunes to date have showed an impressive depth of beat knowledge, chopped instruments and enough genres to suggest that debut album Limerence would be a standout. The album is now out on Alpha Pup Records and it features all the above. Jon Pritchard obviously finds shapeshifting between genres easy and on Limerence he does it cohesively and repeatedly. There’s instrumental beat-funk (‘Sacré Cool’ , ‘Bad.Day’), Prefuse 73-esque hip-hop (‘Suchbeats’) and darker dancefloor electronica that recalls Chris Clark (‘Dreamhome’).

Yet all of these comparisons are threaded together with Pritchard’s own talent for production and arrangement as well as a consistent knack for a head-nodding beat no matter how complicated or tangential the music gets. See ‘Hot Heathrr’ and its booming exploration through cascading melodies, roaring synths, glitch, cut and paste aesthetics and snarling bass or album closer collage ‘Connct’ which deliciously switches to a chopped up twinkled melody from Swan Lake.

Young Montana? plays Button Factory, Dublin on May 28th as support to Solar Bears and Andrew Hung (Fuck Buttons). The gig is free.

Young Montana? – Hot-Heathrr

Young Montana? – Sacré Cool

Young Montana? – Connct

Young Montana? X Solar Bears – Dream Valley