While David Kitt has a new solo album on the way, which he previewed on January 1st to fans, he is also very much active in the field of electronic music as New Jackson.

His work as NJ has always been informed by his experience, his record-collecting, his love of synths and electronic music as a culture. A debut album will arrive this year, AFAIK, but until then, Kitt has a song on a new release on Fort Romeau’s Cin Cin label (with Ali Tillett) worthy of our attention.

Cin Cin’s previous release was a split between Romeau and Bezier and features the standout track ‘Korgs’.

As featured on Thump this week, the new release is a split between New Jackson and Elliott Lion, with Jackson’s ‘Electric Blue’, itself uses David Bowie’s lyrics for the largely instrumental ‘Sound And Vision’ from 1977’s Low as a jumping off inspiration point.

It’s a track that allows itself to grow, to seep into you, as some of the best dancefloor music does.

Here’s Manchester producer’s Elliot Lion’s cut:

Buy the release.

Posted on January 29th, 2017


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The Nialler9 mix series has been long overdue. Each mix will feature a theme and will be put together by some of my favourite DJs local or international. For this inaugural mix, DJ Deece is warming up the series with a mix that is themed on tracks he would play to warm up the room. He says:

“I put this mix together with the theme of the warm up DJ set in mind. I do a lot of warming up for international acts in the city at the moment, which is something that I’ve really grown to love. It gives me a chance to play tracks that are more like actual songs, rather than just peak-time club bangers. You can give tracks room to breathe, and actually listen to what’s being played. I would usually do a longer warm up set than 1 hour, but I’ve tried to get as much of my warm up style across as possible in this mix. I think it’s important during that opening DJ set to create a few moments of higher intensity but then creatively bring it back down again. It builds the room nicely, and leaves the crowd wanting more when the headline DJ goes on, which they can then provide. It’s a really under appreciated thing; the warm up. I feel it’s a great skill to have, and something that all DJs should try and master the art of.”

Download it at Zippyshare

Subscribe on iTunes
DJ Deece is a resident at Somewhere Club? on Wednesday nights in the Workman’s Club, he is a resident with Hidden Agenda where he also runs the Deece Series which brings in an international guest to play with him. He can be found at most Irish festivals and also plays with Colin Perkins as Decent Perks.

Up soon, he’ll be playing Forbidden Fruit on June bank holiday weekend, where he’ll also host an afterparty with Jackmaster in Tengu.

Follow DJ Deece on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

DJ Deece – The Warmup mix Tracklist

Ben La Desh & Norm De Plume – Lotion
Chez Damier – Why (Classic Edit)
Leon Vynehall – Midnight On Rainbow Road (Beat Edit)
Kauf – Through The Yard (Fort Romeau Vocal Remix)
LCD Soundsystem – 45:33 (Theo Parrish’s Space Cadet Remix)
Moon B – PV Hills (Fudge Fingas Remix)
Lauer – Hump Acid (Lexx Remix)
Brother G – Dominatrix (Pump Mix)
Dego and Kaidi – Black Is Key
Cleveland – Shine

Posted on May 11th, 2016


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The  seventh edition of our monthly club night Lumo is back in Tengu on Saturday April 30th and to get you in the mode we’ve got a mix put together by Lumo’s Gavin Elsted.

Resident Lumo DJs are Nialler9, Simon Roche and Gavin Elsted (Adultrock). It’s a house party in a club vibe with no restrictions on genre. Lumo is a club for dancing featuring a good soundsystem, a decent bar and DJs in the corner playing classics and curveballs. Lumo is not another house and techno night. It’s a club night where you will dance with friends, old and new.  Presale tickets are on sale now from Eventbrite at just under a tenner.

In the mix, we’ve got tracks from the more electronic disco end of Lumo including those you will have heard in recent months at the club from Metro Area, Fort Romeau, Damien Lynch and a preview of a forthcoming Adultrock (Gavin’s electronic project) on Bodytonic Music coming in June.


John Talabot – Machine (JT Synth Edit)
Eric Duncan – Nerve Control
Damien Lynch – The Heights
DJ Rahaan – DirtyBoyz
Da Posse – In the Heat of the Night (Black Madonna Edit)
Fort Romeau  – KONTROL
Adultrock – Push & Pull
Rubber Band – Caoutchouc
Metro Area – Atmosphérique
Jacques Renault – Marilyn’s Gold
Broadcast – America’s Boy

Follow Lumo on Facebook and Twitter.

The LUMO CLUB playlist on Spotify.

Posted on April 20th, 2016


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Looking for more new music? Follow the Nialler9 New Music playlist on Spotify. Updated weekly. Hit the last page for the Soundcloud playlist.

1. Toby Kaar – ‘Snapdragon’

A long-awaited release is almost here.

He may have spent five years performing live before releasing his first EP, but Cork producer Toby Kaar’s new tune ‘Snapdragon’ is a worth a wait with its emotive cut-up vocal sample style and beats like a playful Hud Mo track. The EP is released on March 18th on Music Is For Losers.

Full post:

2. Porches – ‘Be Apart’

Synth pop in shades of excitement.

Deeply shaded electro-pop from New York-based Aaron Maine aka Porches from the upcoming Pool LP. ‘Be Apart’ was debuted by Zane Lowe on Beats 1 last week and the song suggests a nervous excitement with Maine singing “I want to be a part of it all.” Pool comes out on Domino on February 5th.

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Posted on January 18th, 2016

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Roman Flügel is one of four artists to tackle remixing tracks from Fort Romeau’s recent Insides album. The Frankfurt Versions features reworks by DJs and producers known for playing at places like Robert Johnson in Frankfurt including Tuff City Kids, Orson Wells and Massimiliano Pagliara.

Flügel has remixed the title track from the record. It’s released on 12″ and digital from Ghostly on July 6th.

Fort Romeau also has a new EP inspired by the classic synth – Fairlights out.

Frankfurt Versions Tracklist

01. Insides (Roman Flügel Remix)
02. Lately (Orson Wells Remix)
03. All I Want (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)
04. Cloche (Tuff City Kids Club Mix)
05. Cloche (Tuff City Kids Disco Mix)

Posted on June 11th, 2015

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Here are the top tracks of the last week:

  1. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment – ‘Slip Slide’
  2. Beirut – ‘No No No’
  3. Unknown Mortal Orchestra ‘The World Is  Crowded’
  4. Oh Wonder – ‘White Blood
  5. Disclosure – ‘Holding On’ (Gus Pirelli  Disco 7″ VIP remix)
  6. Fort Romeau – ‘Saku’
  7. Girls Names – ‘Reticence’
  8. Laura Clock – ‘Fantasy’
  9. Roosevelt – ‘Hold on’
  10. Vök – ‘Waterfall’
  11. Jake Houlsby – ‘Beyond All This’
  12. Tomorrows – ‘The Circle’

Like your new music on Spotify instead? Follow the Nialler9 New Music playlist on Spotify. Updated weekly.

Posted on June 5th, 2015

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10 of the best remixes, edits and refixes collected over the month of April.

  1. Todd Terje – ‘Alfonso Muskedunder’ (Mungolian vs. TangoTerje)
  2. Miss Kate – ‘Groovy Baby’ (Hystereo remix)
  3. Jaga Jaggist – ‘Oban’ (Todd Terje remix)
  4. Cashmere Cat & Ariana Grande – ‘Adore’ (MssngNo remix)
  5. Jungle – ‘The Heat’ (Creange remix)
  6. Kelela – ‘Send Me Out’ (Girl Unit remix)
  7. Hot Chip – ‘Atomic Bomb’ William Onyeabor cover (remix by John Talabot)
  8. Lindstrom – ‘Home Tonight’ (Fort Romeau remix)
  9. Color//Sound – ‘The Wolves’ (Holmes Price Pretentious Disco Dub)
  10. José González – Let It Carry You (Holy Ghost! Remix)

All playlists including tracks of the week and month.

Like your new music on Spotify instead? Follow the Nialler9 New Music playlist on Spotify. Updated weekly.

Posted on May 6th, 2015

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See the last page for a Soundcloud playlist of all the tracks. Looking for more new music? Follow the Nialler9 New Music playlist on Spotify. Updated weekly.

1. All Tvvins – ‘Thank You’


A giant-killing new single from the Irish duo.

Conor Adams and Lar Kaye aka All Tvvins dropped their big new track ‘Thank You’ whch has an eighties-production sheen like Aha and a bassline gliding along with Adams asking “do you want to be a cold cold killer? / do you want to be a cold operator?,” in a cathartic manner that is matched by the tightly-arranged emotion. This is a song with big potential.

It’s released on Warner UK and is out now on iTunes and Spotify.

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Posted on February 16th, 2015

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The London dance producer Fort Romeau is following up his Her Dream EP from last year with a full album called Insides, the second album to be released on Ghostly on March 27th.

Practising his idea of “slow listening” , that is effectively to only focus on one thing – a piece of music and nothing else, no email, no Youtube, no Spotify, no Snapchat, no nothing – just listening to one piece of music with your full attention.

The music of Mike Greene is suitable for that kind of experience, seeing as it often takes a subtle journey across a single track over a longer-than-average length of six or seven minutes. It’s a length that works well on a dancefloor for movement but also privately with headphones, which is what I suggest you do for the next six minutes and 20 seconds when you press play on the title track from the new Fort Romeau record.

So ignore everything else in your view, sit back and put on those headphones:

Fort Romeau – ‘Insides‘ Tracklist:

1. New Wave
2. Folle
3. All I Want

4. Insides

5. Not A Word (with New Jackson)
6. IKB

7. Lately

8. Cloche

Posted on January 14th, 2015



The Nialler9 TXFM show airs every Thursday night at 10pm for two hours. You can listen live on 105.2FM, online, the TXFM app or if you missed it, on the listen back function on the site, as per below. The show starts six minutes in, right after the news in each hour. Click the buttons to launch the TXFM site autoplaying links.


  1. AlunaGeorge   – ‘Supernatural’
  2. Sylvan Esso –   ‘Play It Right’
  3. Ryn Weaver –  ‘OctaHate’
  4. Ibeyi – ‘River’
  5. Generationals  – ‘Gold Silver Diamond’
  6. Mr Twin Sister  – ‘Out of the Dark’
  7. Kindness –  ‘This Is Not About Us’
  8. Rocstrong – ‘Limits’
  9. Yumi Zouma –  ‘Alena’
  10. Amber Run –  ‘I Found’
  11. EMBRZ  – ‘Make Your Way’
  12. Mr Twin Sister –  ‘In The House of Yes’


  1. Purity Ring  – ‘Lofticries
  2. Kelela –  ‘Guns & Synths’
  3. Caribou –  ‘Julia Brightly’
  4. Bonobo  – ‘Cirrus (live)’
  5. Bicep & Hammer  – ‘Ice Bowl’
  6. Fort Romeau –  ‘Pirouette’
  7. Jamie xx  – ‘All Under One Roof Raving’
  8. Edward F Butler –  ‘Running from Fears’
  9. Flying Lotus –  ‘Turtles’
  10. Katharine Philippa –  ‘Pawns’
  11. Laura Doggett – ‘Moonshine’
  12. Wet  – ‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl’
  13. J Dilla – ‘Two Can Win’

Posted on October 10th, 2014


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Ticket giveaways:

How to enter ticket comp – Email [email protected] with the gig above in the Subject line you’re entering for along with your full name and phone number in the body of the message. Full info on each show below. Draw closes at 6pm the day before the gig or Friday 1pm latest for weekend gigs.

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Tuesday October 7


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Wednesday October 8


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Thursday October 9

  • Guinness Amplify: I Heart The Monster Hero, Riot Tapes[email protected]’s (Free)
    [Pub gigs] Free gigs all over  city pubs this week.
  • Guinness Amplify: In The Willows, Chris Haze, Edisons[email protected]’s Bar (Free)
    [Pub gigs] Free gigs all over  city pubs this week.
  • Guinness Amplify: Overhead The Albatross, Heroes In Hiding, Animal Beats[email protected] Mercantile (Free)
    [Pub gigs] Free gigs all over  city pubs this week.
  • Guinness Amplify: Cornerboy @ Busker’s (Free)
    [Pub gigs] Free gigs all over  city pubs this week.
  • Guinness Amplify: The Crossfire, Gangs, Otherkin[email protected] The Grand Social (Free)
    [New irish music] Free gigs all over  city pubs this week.
  • Guinness Amplify: Phazam Haze, Garr Cleary, Ain’t Saint John, Canaries, Ailbhe Reddy [email protected] Sweeney’s (Free)
    [New Irish music] Free gigs all over  city pubs this week.
  • Guinness Amplify: Death In The Sickroom @ Brogan’s (Free)
    [New Irish music] Free gigs all over  city pubs this week.
  • Electricitat 100 @ The Parlour Bar, Whelan’s (7pm)
    [Party] Tiny Magnetic Pets debut their new EP for the Radio Na Life 100th show celebration.
  • Brian Mooney, Margie Lewis @ The Joinery (€10, BYOB)
    [Calypso Rock] ” this current crop of songs seeks to keep the hope machine running with words and chords” / “improvised live set experimenting with vocals, instruments, delay, pitch, loops and beats”

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Friday October 10

  • Guinness Amplify: Rocstrong, Brass Phantoms, Drisco [email protected] Dame Lane (Free but listed, 6:30pm)
    [Pub gigs] Free gigs all over  city pubs this week.
  • Guinness Amplify: White Chalk, Bagels, Million Little Gods, The Quakers, Leading Armies[email protected] Sweeney’s (Free)
    [Pub gigs] Free gigs all over  city pubs this week.
  • Sean Nicholas Savage, Dear Desert @ Whelan’s (€12 , WIN TICKETS)
    [Folk/rock] Canadian singer-songwriter and ballad composer
  • Skinny Wolves: Sea Pinks, Women’S Christmas, Mr & My Dog @ Bello Bar (€10)
    [Rock] Launch of new Sea Pinks LP
  • Kevin Herm Connolly @Anseo (6:30pm, €5)
    [Residency] Launch of ‘Shotgun’
  • No Idle Day: Sound & Vision @ Kevin Barry Room, NCH (€15)
    [Young Hearts mini-festival]  Pat Collins discusses his work. Jim Carroll, Donal Dineen, Bill Drummond & more discuss their favourite records.
  • WIFE, Reid @ The Workman’s Club (€10)
    [Electronic] Two Cork electronic producers doing well internationally.
  • Time is Illmatic – Special Preview Screening @ The Sugar Club (WIN TICKETS , €10)
    [Screening/DJs]  Nas doc screening + Golden Era Hip Hop Sets from Handsome Paddy, This Greedy Pig (Greg) &
    Fionn O’Brien & Coty Smith.
  • Abstract presents: Darius[email protected] Rooms (€5, 11pm)
    [Dance] A mix of french house, hip-hop and balearic dance music
  • Melodic: Watergate: Sebo K, Matthias Mayer @ Button Factory (€15, 11pm )
    [Dance] Berlin club residents do a Dublin gig.
  • MUD: The Building Society present George Fitzgerald @ Twisted Pepper (€15, 10:30pm)
    [Dance]  High class house music. FACT Mix.
  • Bedlam presents: Klingande @ District 8 (€15, 11pm)
    [Dance] Crap sax house music. This is a warning.

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Saturday October 11

  • No Idle Day: Walk Away Renee @ Surprise location (€10, 11:30am)
    [Young Hearts mini-festival]  Musical walking tour with guests.
  • No Idle Day: Old Town  @ Marsh’s Library (€10, 2pm)
    [Young Hearts mini-festival]  Bill Drummond lecture, Niamh McCormack sings, Colin Barrett reads.
  • No Idle Day: Hidden Gems[email protected] & Dowlings (€10, 4:30pm)
    [Young Hearts mini-festival] The beauty of odd records with Peter Twoomey and Jonny Trunk.
  • Guinness Amplify: State’s Faces of: Leanne Harte, Ghosts, Dah Jevu, Annie Graham [email protected] Mercantile (Free)
    [Pub gigs] Free gigs all over  city pubs this week.
  • Guinness Amplify: Mannequin Sex Drive @ Arthur’s, Thomas Street (Free)
    [Pub gigs] Free gigs all over  city pubs this week.
  • Guinness Amplify: White Chalk, Bagels, Million Little Gods, The Quakers, Leading Armies[email protected] Sweeney’s (Free)
    [Pub gigs] Free gigs all over  city pubs this week.
  • Kishi Bashi, Tall Tall Trees @ Whelan’s Upstairs (SOLD OUT)
    [Indie]  Fiddle-wielding virtuosic player.
  • No Idle Day: When you Love Music So Much @ City Assembly House, South William Street (€20, 7:30pm)
    [Young Hearts mini-festival]  Readings and music from Katie Kim, The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock and Adrian Crowley.
  • Analogue Wave, Grim, Makings @ Bello Bar (€10)
    [Indie/electronic] Album Launch of a Dublin duo mixing dub with breakbeats, samples And synths.
  • #rabbleRuckus7: Post Workers Beer Blow Out @ The Pint (Free , 10pm)
    [DJs]  With Toirse of D1 and Front End Synthetics.
  • Kormac’s Big Band @ Button Factory (11pm, €18)
    [Hip-hop/electronic] launch of new Doorst2eps album.
  • Declan O’Rourke @ Vicar Street (€25)
    [Singer-songwriter] 10th anniversary of his debut album Since Kyabram
  • Grand Social 4th Birthday: Hot Sprockets, Fox Jaw  @ The Grand Social (€10, WIN TICKETS)
    [Rock] A celebratory headline show.
  • Pogo: Archetype present San Soda & Jereon Search @ Twisted Pepper (€15, 10:30pm)
    [Dance] The Belgian dude responsible for this bit of acappella ubiquity.
  • WCB social: Hystereo @ The Grand Social (Free, 11:30pm)
    [DJs] White Collar Boy’s DJ night returns.
  • Mother: Donal Dineen @ Copper Alley (€10, 11pm / €5 before 12)
    [Club] The legendary broadcaster and Rocky T Delgado.
  • Hidden Agenda: Fort Romeau, Get Down Edits @ Opium Rooms (€12, 11pm)
    [DJs] Solid nuanced house/disco music with great Wateeford disco edits support.
  • Dark Sky, Clu, Contour, Daire Carolan[email protected] 8 (€12/€15, 11pm)
    [Dance] Monkeytown Records. artist with good Irish support.

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Sunday October 12



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Monday October 13


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Posted on October 7th, 2014


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The Nialler9 TXFM show` airs every Thursday night at 10pm for two hours. You can listen on FM, online, the TXFM app or if you missed it, on the listen back function on the site. Last night’s show featuring 22 brand new tracks in indie, electronic, rap, R&B and dance.

Listen: Hour One

Listen: Hour Two

Hour One

  1. alt-J – ‘Hunger of the Pine’
  2. Lone – ‘Airglow Fires’
  3. EMBRZ – ‘Slow Down’
  4. Carriages – ‘Roots’
  5. Zola Jesus – ‘Dangerous Days’
  6. God Knows + mynameisjOhn – ‘Throw The Spear’
  7. Kali – ‘Neon’
  8. Lethal Dialect and Jacknife J – ‘Headstrong’ feat. Jess Kav
  9. FKA Twigs – ‘Two Weeks’
  10. Jessie Ware – ‘Tough Love’
  11. Orlando Volcano – ‘Chimi’
  12. Ménage à Trois – ‘Bobby’s Prism’

Hour Two

  1. Rustie – ‘Raptor’
  2. Modeselektor – ‘I’m not into Twerk, I’m into KrafTwerk’
  3. Jamie xx – ‘All Under One Roof Raving’
  4. Ambassadeurs – ‘Hide and Seek’
  5. Busdriver – ‘Ego Death’ (feat. Aesop Rock & Danny Brown)
  6. Bishop Nehru – ‘You Stressin’
  7. Sega Bodega – ‘Jansen’
  8. Catching Flies – ‘Stay Forever’ (Live Version)
  9. Floating Points – ‘King Bromeliad’
  10. Woman’s Hour – ‘Conversations’ (Fort Romeau Remix)

Posted on June 27th, 2014


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Fort Romeau’s Stay/True EP from last year was one of my favourite dance EPs of the year so I’m keen to hear the followup especially after hearing ‘Her Dream’, a track with disco and house bones but which the English producer makes something ambient and immersive out of.

It’s the lead track from the Her Dream EP out on March 17th on German label Live At Robert Johnson.

Tracklist :

A1. I Knew
A2. Pirouette
B1. Her Dream

Posted on March 6th, 2014



London producer Mike Greene better known as Fort Romeau has made some excellent dance remixes lately for New Jackson, Cymbals, Gold Panda and Holy Other as well as a couple of singles in the house vein on Ghostly International and and an album Kingdoms for 100% Silk. His new EP, Stay / True now streaming at P4K has some killer cuts on it.

Two tracks standout in particular: ‘Stay True’, an arpeggiated synthesizer seven minute deep cut and the vinyl-only ‘Trust Me’, a funky disco-nodding house track that really lifts the spirits with its sampled string stab and has a real classic dance track feel to it. Fittingly, the track is vinyl only. Fort Romeau has a Dublin date incoming see below.


Posted on September 19th, 2013



New songs you should hear this week…

This week’s installment of new music debuted/heard in the last week stretches over to about the last 12 days or so. Drake continues his run of killer singles with the silky smooth ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’, SZA’s big track ‘Julia’ presaged her Top Dawg Entertainment signing announcement, former WU LYFers’ Los Porcos delved deeper into Yacht Rock, DOOM aka Viktor Vaughn, Earl Sweatshirt & Thundercat appeared on Adult Swim Singles Programme cut ‘Between Villians’ from Captain Murphy aka Flying Lotus. Kwes, Brolin and Active Child both returned with new music.

On the electronic and dance front, Fort Romeau debuted another cut from his EP on Ghostly, Kaytranada showed his beat chops while Bam Spacey and Andrew Weatherall remixes Club 8 and Jagwar Ma respectively.

Locally, Dublin electronic producer KaraKara debuted the headnodding ‘Bringing It All Back Again’, Young Wonder showed off their collab with Brooklyn’s Black Light Dinner Party, Out On A Limb gave us a track from Hidden Highways’ new LP and Cillo displayed some evidence of a Jacques Greene influence.

Posted on August 20th, 2013

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