David Kitt will release his debut New Jackson album From Night To Night on All City Records on May 15th but before that there’s been other releases to attend to. We’ve had the David Bowie-referencing split release on Fort Romeau’s Cin Cin label and here, on ‘Anya’s Piano’ 12″, we get three songs of late-night vibing textures, the title track of which sits on the album to come.

The three tracks here are certainly suggestive of a process that included Kittser recording the music into the night on headphones in his bedroom studio overlooking Dublin Bay while his housemates were asleep. These nocturnal house tracks have a gentle muted force to them, as if they’re made to get lost in.

In the creation of From Night To Night, David said getting a bank loan to get a hold of an SP 1200 sampler, one often used in early hip-hop was a gamechanger.

“It’s a sound I’ve tried to get close to for almost half my life now and the only way to really nail it was to get the machine itself. It’s featured on so many of my favourite records by the likes of Premier, RZA, MF Doom, Daft Punk, Moodyman and Theo” My first love when it comes to samplers and drum machines is hip-hop and I’ve often wondered what kind of house Pete Rock or J Dilla would make. I like to think the record reflects that a bit.”

New Jackson’s album launch happens on Saturday April 30th in Button Factory.

Artwork for the Anya’s Piano release by Practice & Theory. Cover Image by Rich Gilligan.

From Night To Night LP Tracklist

From night to night
Blaze all day
Put the love in it

On solid air
Found the one
Anya’s piano
After midnight in a perfect world

Of a thousand leaves

Posted on April 3rd, 2017


While David Kitt has a new solo album on the way, which he previewed on January 1st to fans, he is also very much active in the field of electronic music as New Jackson.

His work as NJ has always been informed by his experience, his record-collecting, his love of synths and electronic music as a culture. A debut album will arrive this year, AFAIK, but until then, Kitt has a song on a new release on Fort Romeau’s Cin Cin label (with Ali Tillett) worthy of our attention.

Cin Cin’s previous release was a split between Romeau and Bezier and features the standout track ‘Korgs’.

As featured on Thump this week, the new release is a split between New Jackson and Elliott Lion, with Jackson’s ‘Electric Blue’, itself uses David Bowie’s lyrics for the largely instrumental ‘Sound And Vision’ from 1977’s Low as a jumping off inspiration point.

It’s a track that allows itself to grow, to seep into you, as some of the best dancefloor music does.

Here’s Manchester producer’s Elliot Lion’s cut:

Buy the release.

Posted on January 29th, 2017


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Yesterday, I revealed the full lineup of acts for the church at Other Voices, now here’s the full music trail list of acts, which are the events that are free and open to the public throughout the day and after the main gigs.

The previously announced artists are below. New are:

  • AE MAK
  • Ailbhe Reddy
  • Barq
  • Bernie Pháid
  • Brass Phantoms
  • Daoirí Farrell
  • exmagician
  • For Foresters
  • Hoodman Blind
  • Ivy Nations
  • Jafaris
  • Malojian
  • Meltybrains?
  • Michele Stodart (The Magic Numbers)
  • Moon Looks On
  • New Jackson
  • Nialler9 DJ set
  • Óg
  • Phil Kieran
  • Planet Parade
  • Rosie Carney
  • Search Party Animal
  • Ships
  • Síle Denvir
  • Slow Riot
  • Stephen James Smith
  • Susie Blue
  • Swords
  • The Fontaines
  • Thumper
  • Ultan Conlan
  • We Were Giants
  • + Special guests

Yes, that’s a lot and it adds to the existing acts below. All Free. I’ll be DJing on the Friday night after the main event.

  • Bad Bones
  • Arborist
  • Soulé
  • TooFools
  • Jack O’Rourke
  • Farah Elle
  • Orchid Collective
  • Windings
  • David Kitt
  • Damolo
  • Ports
  • Rosa Nutty
  • Craig Gallagher
  • Cry Monster Cry
  • Beauty Sleep
  • Strange Attractor
  • Fangclub
  • Emily Barker
  • Majia Sofia
  • Marlene Enright
  • Land Lovers
  • Katie Laffan
  • Ruth
  • Jealous Of The Birds
  • John Cummins
  • Pat Dam Smyth
  • Ryan Vail

Posted on November 23rd, 2016


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‘Is There No End’, from Shit Robot’s newest album is a song that is narrated by Jayson Green ( singer of piunk bands Orchid and Panthers). in a stream-of-consciousness at the club who rambles to the party, isn’t let back into the club, leaves his jacket inside and drifts off into the ether.

New Jackson’s remix of the track, to be released alongside a remix by Khotin this Friday, takes a different tack.

His trademark waspy vocoder replaces the excited mumblings and the rhythm goes deeper, more of a comedown than a come-on lad.

Pre-order the remixes on digitally through Bandcamp. Out Friday.

Listen to New Jackson’s 3 hour All-City mix

Shit Robot’s new album features Hot Chip, New Jackson, Nancy Whang & Juan Maclean

Posted on November 8th, 2016


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I’ve made an Electric Picnic DJ Mix every year since 2008. It’s always been a blast to make and a highlight of the site for me personally. 2016’s mix features 22 artists on the Electric Picnic lineup over 20 songs in just under 55 minutes.

It’s for bumping for your festival prep for the next week or in the car on the way down to Stradbally. Last year’s mix.

I’m DJing at the Red Bull Tropical Garden at EP on Saturday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Download links:

More? Here’s an Electric Picnic Spotify playlist with a song from every artist playing

Nialler9 Electric Picnic Mix 2016

  1. Lynched – Father Had A Knife
  2. Toby Kaar – Snapdragon
  3. Nao – Inhale / Exhale
  4. Muro Masa – What If I Go?
  5. Glass Animals – Youth (Instrumental)
  6. John Talabot & Pional – Destiny (Dubtool)
  7. Jessy Lanza – Keep On Moving
  8. Todd Terje – Alfonso Meskedunder (Deetron remix)
  9. Prince Rama – Bahia
  10. Roisin Murphy – Evil Eyes (Hercules & Love Affair remix)
  11. New Order – Tutti Frutti (Tom Rowlands Chemical Brothers remix)
  12. Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence (Prins Thomas remix)
  13. Shit Robot – End Of The Trail
  14. New Jackson – Shoot Out The Lights
  15. Daniel Avery – Knowing We’ll Be Here (KiNK remix)
  16. LCD Soundsystem – Home (Loving Good mix)
  17. Gene Dudley Group – Inspector Norse
  18. Super Furry Animals – Wherever I Lay My Phone (That’s My Home)
  19. Animal Collective – Brother Sport
  20. Broken Social Scene – Pacific Theme

Posted on August 26th, 2016


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Electric Picnic just added a final glut of acts to the sold-out festival in Stradbally.

The new additions are:

  • Skepta
  • James Bay
  • Bell X1
  • Walking On Cars
  • Adam Beyer
  • Abc
  • Gorgon City
  • The Lightning Seeds
  • Lindsey Stirling
  • Oh Wonder
  • Mothers
  • Hermitage Green
  • Picture This
  • Rejjie Snow
  • Ryan Sheridan
  • Wyvern Lingo
  • Brian Deady
  • New Jackson
  • King Kong Company
  • Rusangano Family
  • Daithí
  • Otherkin
  • Pleasure Beach
  • Saint Sister
  • Talos
  • Hare Squead
  • District 8 Djs
  • Neon Wolf
  • Cc Brez
  • Barq
  • Eve Belle
  • Sample Answer
  • Wild // Youth
  • Fangclub
  • Áine Cahill
  • Tim Chadwick
  • Trinity Orchestra
  • Dublin Gospel Choir

Don’t forget you can win VIP tickets to the sold out festival on Nialler9.

Previous Picnic announcements.

Posted on August 19th, 2016


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Red Bull will move out of the forest at Electric Picnic and into the main arena with their new Red Bull Tropical Garden arena. Lined up to play are: Mr Scruff, New Jackson, myself Nialler9, Donal Dineen, Hubie Davison, Colm K, Discotekken, Fish Go Deep, This Greedy Pig, Timmy Stewart, Sim Simma, Dave McCabe, James Hannan, Ciara Brady and KC.

There’ll also be cocktails and of course, the Red Bull bar.

Friday, 2nd Sept:

Fish Go Deep, Colm K, Timmy Stewart, Discotekken, Galactic Beat Club, Ciara Brady, KC

Saturday, 3rd Sept:

Mr. Scruff, Phil Boyle, Nialler9, Sim Simma, This Greedy Pig, James Hannan

Sunday, 4th Sept:

New Jackson, Billy Scurry, Stevie G, Donal Dineen, Hubie Davison, Mr. Ray, Dave McCabe

Posted on August 12th, 2016


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David Kitt aka New Jackson will release his debut electronic album on Dublin’s All City Records in early 2017.

To celebrate that fact, the label asked Kittser to do a mix and he duly obliged with a three-hour mix of all-sorts of tracks. It runs the gamut from hip-hop to house to electro to 80s boogie to rock and beyond. 40 tracks over 3 hours.


1. Skimore Osborne Surman – Calypso
2. Master Wilburn Burchette’s Mind Storm – Ceremony Within
3. Suzanne Ciani – Lixiviation
4. Bob Stewart – The Leaves of Life
5. Baden Powell + Janine – Atu-eu
6. Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers(Prince Paul’s So Beautiful Mix)
7. Madlib – The Comeback
8. Eddie Finley and the Cincinnati Showband – Treat Me Right Or Leave Me Alone
9. K.M.D. – Mr. Hood At Picalles Jewelry/Crackpot
10. D.J. Cam – Return Of The Jedi(Original Mix)
11. Jay Electronica – Exhibit C
12. Trans Am – A Single Ray of Light on an Otherwise Cloudy Day
13. Quincy Bright – Stomp Down
14. Brenda Ray – Krazee Music
15. Michael Rother – Feuerland
16. Brian Briggs – Aeo
17. Omar S – The Lost Albatross
18. Dam Funk – Raindrops
19. Batsumi – Mamshanyana
20. Hard Meat – Free Wheel
21. War – I’m The One Who Understands
22. Letta Mbulu – There’s Music In The Air
23. Devin The Dude – What A Job
24. The Lonesome Organist – Departing The Sturdy Ship
25. Big Bill Broonzy, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee talk the Blues
26. Sunken Foal – Dutch Elm
27. Tortoise – The Equator
28. Joao Bosco – Alferes
29. Tom Ze – Ma
30. The Other People Place – Sorrow & a cup of Joe
31. Larry Heard – Missing You(Instrumental Version)
32. Compassion Crew – Struggle Wood(OhMy Mix)
33. Neu – Elanoizan
34. Philip Lynott – King’s Call
35. 213 – So Fly
36. Cocteau Twins – Sultitan Itan
37. Antenna – To Climb The Cliff
38. Wendell Stuart and the Downbeaters – My World Is Empty Without You
39. Fever Ray – Keep The Streets Empty For Me
40. Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend
41. Traffic – Dream Gerrard
42. Roger Davy – Brumes Sur Mars
43. Habib Mohebian – Maadar
44. Arthur Russell – Platform On The Ocean
45. Burning Spear – Down By The Riverside

Posted on July 25th, 2016


The 2016 edition of Celtronic electronic music festival takes place next week June 29th – July 3rd in Derry city and here’s a look at how’s playing:

KiNK, Âme, Rival Consoles, Kaityln Aurelia Smith, The Black Madonna, Rødhad, Gerd Janson, Barnt, Ewan Pearson, Ryan Vail, The Cyclist, Phil Kieran and New Jackson are among them.

Here’s a look at the event breakdown and tickets for all are available here.

Celtronic 2016 Day 1

Wednesday 29th June

Celtronic EP Launch
7pm – 9pm Adm: Free

St Columbs Hall, Orchard St, Derry
Rødhad (Dystopian – Germany)
Edward (Giegling – Germany)
Phil Kieran (PK Recordings)
Bekuz DJs
Jika Jika DJs
Zutekh DJs
9pm – late Advance tickets: £12 / £15

Celtronic 2016 Day 2

Thursday 30th June

Echo Echo Dance, Magazine St, Derry
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Live)
Vincent (Live)
8pm – 10pm Advance Tickets: £7/8

The Glassworks, Great James St, Derry
The Black Madonna (Smart Bar – Chicago)
Mister Saturday Night (Eamon Harkin – New York City)
9pm – late Advance tickets: £10 / £12

Celtronic 2016 Day 3

Friday 1st July

Culturlann, Great James St, Derry
Ryan Vail (Live)
+ support
7pm – 10pm Advance tickets: £7

The Guildhall, Derry
Âme (Innervisions – Germany – Live)
Barnt (Magazine – Germany – Live)
New Jackson (Permanent Vacation – Live)
Or:la & Jessica Beaumont (Mein Nacht)
9pm – late Advance tickets: £13 / £15

Celtronic 2016 Day 4

Saturday 2nd July

The Craft Village
SlowPlaceLikeHome (Live)
Autumns (Live)
Wake America (Live)
CM88 (Live)
Nyt Bloomer (Live)
Culture Glitch Records: The Crimson Underground (Live), Shammen Delly (Live), Jonny Boy, Hylo (Live)
1pm – 8pm Adm: Free

St Columbs Hall, Orchard St, Derry
KiNK (Live)
Gerd Janson (Running Back – Germany)
Rival Consoles (Erased Tapes – Live)
Junki Inoue (Toi Toi – Japan)
The Cyclist / Buz Ludha (Live)
Darren Allen (Underlying Form)
Jordan Magee (Harmonic Motion – Seekers)
Deep Fried Funk DJs
8pm – late Advance tickets: £15 / £18 / £20

Celtronic 2016 Day 5

Sunday 3rd July

Venue TBA
Move D (Smallville – Germany)
Ewan Pearson
Space Dimension Controller
The Queen & Disco
5pm – late Advance Tickets: £12

Posted on June 22nd, 2016


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Castlepalooza have revealed more acts for the impressive looking festival in Charleville Castle from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd July in Tullamore.

With new bargaining power in the form of Aiken Promotions, the festival has just added:

  • New Jackson
  • Daphni
  • Field Music
  • Little Scream
  • I Am The Cosmos
  • Lisa O’ Neill
  • Son Lux
  • Lynched
  • Policia
  • Steve Davis (DJ & pool set)
  • Little Scream
  • Slow Reader’s Club
  • Daithí
  • Hare Squead
  • Prins Thomas
  • Let’s Eat Grandma
  • Jarbird
  • Toby Kaar
  • I Have A Tribe
  • All the Luck in the World
  • Paddy Hanna
  • Orchid Collective
  • Malojian
  • J. Cowhie
  • Seapinks
  • No Monster Club
  • Morning Veils
  • Rosa Nutty
  • Like Chandeliers

Weekend tickets are priced €134 (weekend w/ camping) and €115 (weekend) are on sale now.

First tier day tickets are be available from today to the end of April priced €53.65+fee. Then from May priced €64.45 and from June priced €70.45. Tickets for CASTEPALOOZA

Here is the Day by Day Breakdown:


Caribou / Polica / Daphni / Romare (live AV set) / Lynched / Toby Kaar / Jarbird / The Altered Hours / Get Down Edits / Rosa Nutty / Like Chandeliers.

I’ll also be DJing on the Friday.


Jurassic 5 / Preoccupations (formerly Viet Cong) / Prins Thomas / Steve Davis (DJ & pool table set) / Tiger & Woods / Little Scream / Hare Squead / Let’s Eat Grandma / Lisa O’Neill / Slow Reader’s Club / Overhead, the Albatross / Daithi / Badlands / All the Luck in the World / I Am The Cosmos / Seapinks / Malojian / J Cowhie / Tandem Felix / Oh Boland.


Villagers / Cat Power / New Jackson / Alle Farben / Field Music / Son Lux / Colm Mac Con Iomaire / Cian Nugent / I Have a Tribe / Somerville / Paddy Hanna / Orchid Collective / No Monster Club / Morning Veils.

Posted on April 26th, 2016


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Marcus Lambkin aka Shit Robot will release his third DFA Records album What Follows on May 6th this year.

Guests include Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, David Kitt’s New Jackson, Jay Green (of American punk bands Orchid and Panthers) along with regular collaborators Nancy Whang, Museum of Love (Pat Mahoney and Dennis McNany) & Juan Maclean.

Now based in Stuttgart, the Dubliner’s release is a fully-analogue centric album, with Lambkin saying he moved away from the computer in favour of a more tactile approach.

“This is the first time that I actually sat down and said, ‘I’m going to make an album now and I’m going to finish it by a specific date and time.’ I wanted to make a record that was more cohesive, that sounded like it all came from the one session. I wanted it to reflect my DJing style a bit more, less pop, less disco, more machines. There’s no live bass and barring a few hi-hats, there’s no live drums.

Hear ‘End Of The Trail’ featuring Alexis Taylor as broadcast by Zane Lowe on Beats.

Here is the original non-album version of OB-8:

Shit Robot – What Follows Tracklist:

1 In Love
2 What Follows
3 Ten Miles High
4 Lose Control
5 End Of The Trail
6 Phase Out
7 Wir Warten
8 Is There No End
9 OB-8 (Winter Mix)

Posted on March 3rd, 2016


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After its initial somewhat bewildering grime-heavy debut Dublin live show , Boiler Room returns to the city as part of its partnership with Generator Hostels in Europe.

It happens on Thursday December 3rd and will feature a solid lineup:

New Jackson
The House Of Disco’s Magnier
Sias (Frank B’s other project)
The Cyclist

It’ll be streamed live at https://boilerroom.tv/generator/dublin/.


Posted on November 20th, 2015


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After last week’s Body & Soul, Other Voices and Comedy additions, Red Bull Music Academy have now added more names to the sold out Electric Picnic.

The artists are:

Friday: Daire Carolan, Paul Woolford, Space Dimension Controller

Saturday: Wino Boyz (Morgan Buckley and Boya), Lerosa, Todd Terry,

Sunday: New Jackson, Krystal Klear, Tr One, Lunar Disko and The Gentleman’s Academy hosting the Red Bull Disco Brunch.



Posted on August 5th, 2015


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Another Love Story is a genuinely intimate festival put on by Homebeat and Happenings from August 21st to 23rd in the indoor spaces, ballroom, woods and parlour rooms of Killyon Manor, Kinnegad Co. Meath.

After announcing their lineup in May, with three weeks to go, they’ve unveiled some more names for the festival including:

New Jackson (Live), | Ben Bix & Feather | Overcoats | Sign A | Wounded Healer (Sorcha McGrath of Ships)| Kobina | Laura Ann Brady | Samyel | Taste Djs | Electric Foxx | Horn

Also happening on the grounds of the festival on Saturday afternoon, ‘The Lovely Lawn’ will become a grassy dancefloor for another session of our Vinyl Love series.

Visuals throughout the weekend will be provided by Le Tissier and there will be some talks including Clare Mulvanny (Trailblaze, Wanderlust) ’s Creative Islander series, listen to Ruairi McKiernan interview Manchan Mangan about his life on ‘A Road Less Travelled’ and further chats on food, adventure, music as well as readings and spoken word from the Nighthawks collective.

The Shift Shack will also be present for some dating mischief. ’Shiftin’ by day, dancing’ by night’ is the idea.

Tickets are €110 for weekend camping (before Aug 14th) and €130 (after Aug 14th)

Another Love Story 2015

Another Love Story festival add New Jackson , Ben Bix & Feather, Overcoats, SignA , Vinyl Love & morehttp://nialler9.com/another-love-story-add-new-jackson-ben-bix-feather-overcoats-signa-vinyl-love-more/

Posted by Nialler9 on Thursday, 30 July 2015

Posted on July 30th, 2015


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Maeve Records and RBMA have teamed up for a Maeve Showcase at District 8 on August 8th which will feature the three main producers from the Berlin-based Wicklow-born European house music label: Mano Le Tough, The Drifter and Baikal, alongside special guests John Talabot and New Jackson.

Mint. The first batch of tickets are sold out already but the all-day party is €30+ from RA and kicks off at 2pm on the Saturday.

RA Event : Facebook event

Posted on July 16th, 2015

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