If you happen to be Forbidden Fruiting this weekend in Dublin, then here’s my picks of who you should see over the three days. I ignored most of the headliners and the bands you will know for sure and limited myself to five bands a day. Enjoy the weekend and don’t forget the afterparties. Stage times for the weekend.

Saturday | Sunday | Monday


1. The Shit Robot Show

Undergrowth Stage, 2.15pm
Shit Robot
Early attendees on Saturday can choose between three Irish electronic acts of note, White Collar Boy, Scribble Soundsystem and Shit Robot. I’d pluck for Marcus Lambkin’s set as it’s a rare occasion that he plays in Dublin. Hopefully, as the name suggests, the setup will be similar to his LCD Soundsystem Madison Square Garden support slots last year with full visuals and headgear leading the electro/house/techno/disco charge with tracks from From The Cradle To The Rave and a selection from his upcoming 12″s. Shit Robot will be DJing on Sunday night along with Com Truise in the Pygmalion.