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10 recommended new songs this week: Sampha, Soda Blonde, James Blake, Overmono & more

10 recommended new songs this week: Sampha, Soda Blonde, James Blake, Overmono & more

Featuring Sampha, Soda Blonde, James Blake, Sorry Girls, Overmono, Sun June, Holly Munro, Tirzah, Elaine Malone, Annika Kilkenny.

Today is New Music Friday, which means there’s loads of new songs in the world.

Here are 10 songs released this week I loved from my listening this week, along with fresh ones in the New Music section.

See the end of the post for the Spotify playlist featuring much more than 10 tracks released this week, updated weekly.

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Sampha’s new album comes out on October 20th on Young, is named LAHAI after his grandfather and his middle name, and unlike the first song in six years ‘Spirit, 2.0’ , ‘Only’ marks a slight contrast for the singer, sounding more relaxed and hip-hop-influenced than usual for his solo work.

The album features Yaeji, Léa Sen, Sheila Maurice Grey (Kokoroko), Ibeyi, Morgan Simpson (Black Midi), Yussef Dayes, Laura Groves and Kwake Bass.


James Blake

Tell Me

Yet to go deep into James Blake’s new sixth album Playing Robots Into Heaven (it’s the hottest day of the year in Ireland right now) but this focus track from his more electronic-focused record struck me as a fine middleground between his experimental and songwriting side, the push and pull of which results in interesting results like this.


Sorry Girls

Wasn’t Easy

A bright acoustically rendered song from Montreal duo Heather Foster Kirkpatrick and Dylan Konrad Obron, aka Sorry Girls.

This does’nt feature on their recent album Bravo! on Arbutus Records, but is reason enough for further exploration.


Elaine Malone


Pyrrhic, the debut album from the Cork musician Elaine Malone on Pizza Pizza Records was released today and while ‘Moontread’ was a previous release from the record, it is the album’s most sonically coalescing single track, among some dips into free-jazz, snaking post-punk, shoegaze and psych-folk textures.

Elaine launches the album tonight at a show at Bello Bar.



Blow Out

This sounds like Overmono trying to outdo Fred Again.. at his own game albeit with their trademark euphoria intact.

It’s a new song that doesn’t feature on the Good Lies album, that marks the start of their world tour that touches down in Dublin on October 6th.

“Blow Out was the first thing we made after finishing the album. After that process of being quite methodical, we had an urge to write something that was really out and out lairy and wanted the bass to sound like it was playing out of a blown-out speaker. The track was finished the day before our show at Coachella and we thought there was probably no better place to test it out. It’s become one of our favourite parts of the live show since and we’ll never forget playing it to a packed-out home crowd at GALA just after the album had been released.”




trip9love​.​.​.​?​?​? is the third album from the UK musician known for wonky music and known as Tirzah, produced by long-time collaborator Mica Levi, which was surprised dropped during the week.

The overall effect of the album feels like one long song with recurring and diverting patterns of similar tones. More of an album to listen to in one sitting but I’ll recommend ‘Promises’ for starts.


Soda Blonde


The second album Dream Big from the Dublin alt-pop band is out today after recent singles ‘Bad Machine’ and ‘Midnight Show’.

‘Boys’ is another fine example of the band’s luscious songcraft and Faye O’Rourke’s engulfing voice.

The band have gone independent of late and have started a members club service for fans of the band.


Sun June

Easy Violence

‘Easy Violence’ was one of those Release Radar finds from today, after I added the Austin Texas band’s music to my follow list.

It was a good decision, and this track is from the band’s forthcoming album Bad Dream Jaguar on October 20th.


Holly Monro

Glow Up

Holly Munro is the Irish Irish singer-songwriter whose debut song ‘Give Yourself Love’ left a big impression in July, and the followup ‘Glow Up’ is a fine second step.

It features on Munro’s debut EP Up Against Your Nature to be released 3rd November via Kartel Music Group. Catch Holly at Ireland Music Week.


Annika Kilkenny

Look Mom I Made it

Annika Kilkenny is an artist of eh, Kilkenny, whose debut single ‘Look Mom I Made It’ is a stirring slice of orchestral singer-songwriter pop.

It’s a superb debut, for a teenage artist who has been sharing songs on Tik Tok in the last year. Kilkenny learned the piano form her aunt, and soon began written songs, going on to win first place at a regional talent competition.

Lizzy McAlpine, Laufey and Emily Bear are stated influences.

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