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12 new Irish tracks you should hear this week

12 new Irish tracks you should hear this week

A lot music from Ireland and Northern Ireland comes Nialler9’s way and every week, we listen through it all and select the tracks from emerging artists and some established acts that deserve to be heard by you.

For more extensive Irish and new music coverage, follow our Spotify playlist or hit up the Irish section for individual track features.


Beauty Sleep

I Love It Here I Hate It

SXSW-bound duo Ryan and Cheylene aka Beauty Sleep are always consistent with the sparkling dreamy pop jams and new song ‘I Love It Here I Hate It’ is no different. It’s a gorgeous song about identity and belonging.

“We are all so inbetween, all our identities are uncertain. And I think that makes us so powerful and we should celebrate it, rather than letting it ruin our self-esteem. It’s about trying to claim our own identities and inspire others to do the same. There is power in that. There Is power in owning who you are, and connecting with others through your complicated identity.”

Beauty Sleep.


Kayleigh Noble

Imaginary Boyfriend

Kayleigh Noble is caught between longing and the finality of the end of a relationship on the R&B artist’s newest song.

“I dated, I messed up and was a little heartbroken. As of now, I know in my head I want to stay single and keep growing and learning about myself, but I’m such a hopeless romantic and that always distracts me. I can be a mess, I’m owning it , but I’m also growing from it.”

Noble recently collaborated with CLU and 1000 Beasts and released ‘Ride On My Own’.


Lauren Ann


The 18 year-old Northern Irish artist Lauren Ann is early in her career of grungy-rock music but every song adds another side to the prism of the artist’s craft, with production by Declan Legge (Jealous Of The Birds).

‘Blatant’ is the young artist’s second single on Faction Records, and is about the “blunt end to a relationship that you cared about, ” says Lauren Ann. “It’s about being let down by someone you didn’t think (or rather didn’t want to believe) could hurt you. It’s about being left out in the cold, yet you still care for them even though they don’t care for you anymore.”


Irene Buckley

Lost Lake

Side A of a new release from Kilkenny label Moot Tapes from their Signs of Life series is this beautiful track with billowing string synthesizers and faraway stabs from Irene Buckley. Like an echo of Enya. Neil Quigley’s track is also rather beautiful. It’s available on 7“.




Continuing the video series started with him and a film crew in Fuerteventura in Spain performing his tunes, Dillon Reid aka Brawni and friends move closer to home with a AFX-style track shot up in Blessington Lakes.

Brawni’s live portable electronic setup set to beautiful scenery is a lovely way to experience this kind of ambient-leaning electronic music and performance. The videos are made in conjunction with Limerick-collective Cabal.



When I Think About You

Dan Fitzpatrick’s Badhands project is doing lovely things in the sphere of classic 60s-inspired songwriting and it’s a good time to do be doing so, with the release of second album Far Away, due on April 1st.

“When I was writing this song I felt like it was the closest thing to a power ballad that I would ever write, and I decided to really lean into the melodrama with both the lyrics and the arrangement. Musically, I was very influenced by artists like the Shangri-Las and songs such as ‘Remember, Walking In the Sand’ with their mini-epic stories of tragic romance. Their music was always poppy but had a real edge to it, which is what I was looking for with this tune.

Badhands plays a full band show in Whelans on Saturday April 9th with support from Anderson.


Micheál Quinn

Thoughts (S. Carey Remix)

Meltybrains? & Dermot Kennedy drummer Micheál Quinn has followed up his Colours album from last year with a remix companion EP on Bandcamp. Pick of the bunch for me is this sumptuous slice of music from Bon Iver drummer / live member and artist in his own right – S. Carey. A drummer remixing a drumme? You love to see it!

S. Carey. also has his own new song out this week – ‘Waking Up’.




The Cork producer Lighght is known for making electronic music of varying stripes and his latest release is Seoda, a full-length album of club and techno music, that raised its $3K funding target on Bandcamp. ‘Ribs’ , a rave break track is an example why.



Indie Niall

Nialls are the best. Are you in denial?

This music doesn’t suck despite what Niallish is singing.

This song is about the inner battle of self-doubt and self-assurance felt by the independent artist on a daily basis.


Wallfella, Odd Numbers

Step Back

Odd Numbers collaborates with Dublin rapper Wallfella on track that touches on “Irish politics, the mental health system, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Buy it on Bandcamp, where all proceeds go to SOSAD.


Curtisy, Solo Lui, Edboy

Running Rampant

Dublin rapper Curtisy has been popping up with increasing regularity on collabs and fun tracks like this with the production on this one by Edboy.

Curtisy is on the bill of Artists Against Homelessness on April 17th in 3Olympia.


Floor Show

Come Home

Dublin indiefour-piece indie band Floor Show released this track a few weeks ago that flits between dreamy indie and grungy rock histrionics. It’s not quite Just Mustard level of songcraft but it’s certainly on the way to the same ballpark.

For more extensive Irish and new music coverage, follow our Spotify playlist or hit up the Irish section for individual track features.

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