Talos -‘Odyssey’

In terms of sheer sonic majesty, is there any artist is Ireland making music like this? Corkman Eoin French hasn’t dropped a clanger yet and ‘Odyssey’ is a song built on atmosphere that grows into a redemptive hopeful synthesizer crescendo.


Super Silly – ‘Not ready To Leave’

Precious, Solbas, Grooves, and Shek are Super Silly, a band you may have seen playing with the likes of Hare Squead,  Soulé, Stay Gold and Farah Elle in the past. Their newest track ‘Not Ready to Leave,’ mixes R&B, jazz and soulful funk pop in catchy and repeatable manner.


Come On Live Long – ‘To Be Still’

The title track from Come On Live Long’s second album transitions from a soulful verses into an elusively building dynamic song that packs a punch.


Soulé – ‘Good Life’

Dublin singer Soulé’s debut single ‘Love No More’ made a big enough impression locally that is was nominated for an Choice Music Prize Irish Song of the Year. And it’s easy to hear why. Soulé is one of the most promising new artists in the soul, R&B and pop sphere in Ireland and to further prove it she has dropped her follow up single ‘Good Life’, a song inspired by ’90s house, 2step and garage.


Rosie Carney – ‘Awake Me’

Now 19-years-old, Donegal singer-songwriter Carney’s new song ‘Awake Me’ is informed by her life experiences. “I’ve been a fool for more than half of my life / I’ve tried to hide” she sings and after knowing her story, those words resonate with a large impact. ‘Awake Me’ is an honest song, a beautiful song of expressive atmospheric folk which feels like the lifting of a fog:

‘Better Man’.


New Jackson – ‘Put the Love In It’

A highlight from David Kitt’s New Jackson album, which is one of my albums of 2017 so far , which melds his electronic and singer-songwriter sensibilities and avoids the NJ standard of a vocoder.


Saint Sister – ‘Causing Trouble’

‘Causing Trouble’ expands the atmosfolk duo of Morgan Macintyre and Gemma Doherty’s sound with ore instrumentation than before, while keeping their melodious intent intact. “The song is about transitioning, from Belfast to Dublin, from an old love to a new, and the gaps that can be found between you and another person or place when people transition at different paces and in different directions,” says Morgan.


Dermot Kennedy – ‘Glory’

One of those songs which stops you in your tracks. Irishman Kennedy’s ‘Glory’ grows from a dark folk tone, from a hush to a howl as the track grows in stature and sound, subtly bringing in electronic-tinged touches and vocal effects as the song builds to the chorus and crescendo with production alchemy. A headturner.


Mix & Fairbanks – ‘Girls’

Mix & Fairbanks are two young Kildare producers and DJs Rob Smyth and Gary O’Reilly who in a short time have been nailing electronic disco productions in a live setting, via DJ edits, remixes and mixes.

Their first original track is an absolute dancefloor stomper, a synth-rush tune that melds the bouncing pinging synth of ‘Inspector Norse’ with a Daft Punk style vocoder robot vocal.

No surprise that my number one is also from my number one album of 2017 so far. The disco synth-pop band Ships made up of Simon Cullen  and Sorcha McGrath were already one of my favourite bands but their album has put them over the top.

‘All Will Be’ is one of the upbeat highlights from the album , a synth-pop banger with McGrath’s earworm vocals and Cullen’s production lifting it to the next level.