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The 50 best Irish songs of 2019

The 50 best Irish songs of 2019





Kneecap exploded this year and ‘H.O.O.D’ is a provocative certified banger. We wrote about the track extensively earlier this year, but ‘H.O.O.D’ can be summarised as a crushing hip-hop anthem driven by biting wit and unparalleled energy.




The Dublin MC absolutely jumps on this sleek West Coast beat to provide the listener with exactly three minutes of bars about ambition, intelligence and originality. Percy at his very best.


Mix & Fairbanks

Ground Control & Major Toms

Absolutely that dance tune you heard at every single festival this summer from the always on-point Kildare duo.


Denise Chaila

Copper Bullet

A storming mission statement from one of Ireland’s most promising MCs, ‘Copper Bullet’ sees Chaila putting the world to rights. Stripped back production takes a back seat to some of the best Irish hip-hop lyrics of the year with a song that immediately asserted Chaila as a bright new rap talent.


Bantum, God Knows, Farah Elle & Ben Bix

Strongest Thing

Bantum and God Knows’ collaborative streak seems to only produce gold and ‘Strongest Thing’ pairs them up with Farah Elle and Ben Bix for another winner. Trip-hop beats provide a memorable accompaniment for God Knows’ heartwarming lyrics and Farah Elle’s short but sweet hook.


Moving Still

Al Disco Haram

Moving Still has been responsible for some of Ireland’s tastiest dance records this year and ‘Al Disco Haram’ takes a darker approach that is no less irresistible. Major electro grooves and Middle Eastern flourishes make for a wholly unique sound.


Rachael Lavelle

Perpetual Party

The most striking avant-garde pop tune made and released in Ireland this year. Lavelle’s shrill, sometimes ghoulish vocal is perfectly accompanied by a minimalist synth arrangement.



The Light Upon Us

Eoin French takes up his calling card cinematic indie on the superb ‘The Light Upon Us’. Listening to the chorus, there can be little doubt that French is among the best vocalists in the nation right now.


Sorcha Richardson

Don’t Talk About It

A pop-geared indie song taken from Richardson’s debut LP brimming with singalong, hand clap, foot stomp energy and a fantastic chorus.




The sort of bassline the sun dreams of setting to from Rafino Murphy, on a song with smudged lo-fi pop falsetto vibes.

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