best of 2019

Life is fine in the second half: Aoife Nessa Frances, David Keenan & The Wolfe Tones (Podcast)

The very first Nialler9 Podcast of the year and decade hosted by Andrea Cleary and Luke Sharkey.

The 100 best songs of 2019

Our favourite tracks of the year with a playlist.

The Nialler9 Podcast Awards

What was the best sax solo of the year? Best rap beat? Worst song of the year? Best Live TV performance? Find out.

Sally Cinnamon’s top tracks of 2019

Sally Cinnamon is one of the nation’s premier DJs and party starters.

The 50 best Irish songs of 2019

With a Spotify playlist of our favourite Irish tracks.

Una Mullally’s top tracks of 2019

The columnist & United Ireland Podcast co-host give us her top 10 tracks of 2019.

Nialler9’s Top 30 Irish albums of 2019

Our favourite Irish albums of the year.

Daire Carolan’s top tracks of 2019

The First Second Label man shares his tunes of the year.

Roo Honeychild’s top tracks of 2019

The Club Comfort co-founder and rising DJ shares her tracks of the year.

Moving Still’s top tracks of 2019

The Irish/Arabic producer released some of our favourite tracks this year, these are his choices.

Cabal’s top tracks of 2019

The Limerick party starters share their club tunes of the year.

Andrea Cleary’s top tracks of 2019

The Nialler9 podcast co-host breaks down her songs of 2019.

Louise McSharry’s top tracks of 2019

2FM radio presenter Louise McSharry shares her favourite tracks of the year.

Louise Bruton’s top tracks of 2019

Freelancer journalist, pop culture enthusiast and Pure Shores club runner shares her favs.

Efa O’Neill’s top tracks of 2019

Founder of Out of Space, a party and radio show on Dublin Digital Radio on the tracks that defined her year.

Nialler9’s 40 best albums of 2019

Our favourite albums of the year ranked.

Nealo’s top tracks of 2019

One of the nation’s finest MC’s bangs out an all Irish top ten tracks of 2019.

Our 10 favourite albums of 2019 (Podcast)

Andrea and Niall dive into their top 10 albums.

Jordan’s top club tracks of 2019

Here’s ten that did the business for Jordan in the club in 2019.

Cian Ó Cíobháin’s top tracks of 2019

Cian Ó Cíobháin is a west Kerry DJ and radio presenter with An Taobh Tuathail five nights a week on Radio na Gaeltachta and a wedding DJ too.