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7 new songs you need to hear this week

7 new songs you need to hear this week

Follow the Nialler9 New Music playlist on Spotify. This week’s additions include new songs from below plus Banks, Mykki Blanco, Lower Dens, serpentwithfeet, Swords and more. Follow the playlist here.

This is only a selection of new music – dig into more.

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Bon Iver – ‘8 (Circle)’

A new album highlight played live.

‘8 (Circle)’ is a song from Bon Iver’s forthcoming album 22, A Million and Justin Vernon and co. debuted it live on Jimmy Fallon last week. The performance debuts their new stage show setup as well as a soulful atmospheric song that sounds like a mix between ’70s soft rock and modern soul. It’s a beaut of a song that keeps wanting to repeat on my brain.


Tuff City Kids feat. Annie – Labyrinth

A fruitful collaboration born in Berlin.

For Tuff City Kids’ debut album, Adoldesscent, on Permanent Vacation, along with Joe Goddard as guest, Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer. have Norwegian pop artist Annie on ‘Labyrinth’, a rolling electro-synth track that pairs the strengths of both sets of artists. A 12″ comes with Morgan Geist remix and more.

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Lixo feat. Trim – Writer’s Block

New grimey/ambient release on GetMe!.

No-one sounds like Trim so when the man appears on a track, he consumes it. London producer Alex Hislop aka Lixo keeps things light and illuminating in the cut, coming across as an AFX-style ambient piece with club-leaning bass.


Jason Nolan – ‘The Offing’

A new artist on Majestic Casual.

Imbuing a Baio-style cheeriness to his lo-fi tropical pop music, Jason Nolan’s ‘The Offing’ is pop, electronic and sweet throughout. Nolan is a half-English half-Malaysian 22 year-old jazz flautist and electronic musician and his debut EP, Wonder Years, comes out on October 14th through Youtube channel turned label Majestic Casual.


Laura Ann Brady – ‘Masterpiece’

The Dublin musician releases her most ambitious work yet.

Laura Ann Brady is a Dublin-based singer-songwriter whose music moves between acoustic folk and ambient styles aided by the zither and autoharp. She also sings live with Ocho.

Her newest single ‘Masterpiece’ is an ambitious six minute single that never loses the listener’s interest. Its long running time suggests a turmoil of emotion, that doesn’t recede easily or gracefully as the song reaches a crescendo and resolves. The cinematic video by Aga Maru only heightens that feeling.

Of the song, Brady says:

‘Masterpiece is a song about the pain of heartbreak,and also the darker side of perfectionism. Why do we try to sabotage our own happiness a lot of the time? How do we deal with the bleakness that permeates the end of a relationship? How do we come to know ourselves more fully through that heartbreak?

An album World Beneath the Waves is forthcoming.

Masterpiece - Laura Ann Brady
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Albert af Ekenstam – ‘Made of Gold’

Affecting music from a Swedish singer-songwriter.

Swedish singer-songwriter Albert af Ekenstam has a debut album called Ashes coming on October 14th on Kning Disk.

I’m very taken by ‘Made Of Gold’, a track that will feature on it.

A melancholy song formed of piano and his consuming voice, the track lifts with a swelling of percussion and strings.

According to the press release, Albert’s mother died when he was 12 years old and him and his sister had to bring themselves up alone. Much of the album touches on loneliness and how he had to take responsibility early in his life in order to manage his own future –including his relationships and how he learnt to build a ‘safe point’ from within before relying on others.


Lowlight Gathering – ‘Walk Away’

Lovely harmonic folk from Monaghan

Walk Away is a beaut of a song – lilting twilit folk from a Monaghan band who formed four years ago at the behest of songwriter Charlie Livingstone. It’s from their new EP Young Hearts and marks out this band as ones to watch.
As featured in my Irish Times New Music column.

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