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9 new Irish songs you should hear this week

9 new Irish songs you should hear this week

Luke Sharkey

A lot of Irish music comes Nialler9’s way and there’s little time to feature everything we think is worthy of a thumbs up or more ears. Every week, we collate the songs that pass our writers that deserve to be heard by you. For more extensive Irish coverage, follow our Spotify playlist or hit up the Irish section.



You Call It Madness

Best known for his collaborations with Kojaque, the mastermind behind ‘Bubby’s Cream’ is back. JarJarJr is a Cork-based producer that blends seamlessly funk and lo-fi inspirations together. His contemporary sound is a showcase in how to be relevant while not compromising to quality.

‘You Call It Madness’ has that addictive lo-fi hip hop rhythm to it that everyone just can’t seem to get enough of. Grainy snares and sharp high hats on drum machines have been soundtracking many people’s commutes home and this track shows us why. Not to mention the smooth keys and confident bass line. This is a standout track on an excellent EP.

– Donal Corrigan


Fionn Regan

Riverside Heights

Fionn Regan - Riverside Heights

Despite having a full-length album release already under his belt for the year, Irish folk artist Fionn Regan continues to gift audiences with new material. ‘Riverside Heights’ is an ethereal folk ballad, heavy with atmosphere and emotion. Regan’s vocal delivery on this cut is deadpan, a play against the otherwise floral arrangments.

– Luke Sharkey



Ametrine (ft. Kaoimi)

Ametrine (feat. Kaoimi)

Another strong showing from Dublin producer Uwmami during her summer release series (see here). ‘Ametrine’, which features vocals from Kaoimi, is spacious and often distant. The vocals start off pushed right to the back of the mix, set against an angular drum loop. The whole track comes to life with a massive snare hit and the song suddenly hits third gear. Ambient elements aside, this is a solid R&B cut.

– Luke Sharkey


Robert John Ardiff

Somebody To Love

Robert John Ardiff - Somebody To Love (FAN VIDEO)

The new single from Robert John Ardiff ‘Somebody To Love’ kicks into its tempo from the get-go. Upbeat guitar plucking, lively kick drum and rolling snares suck you into this track within the first few seconds. Robert uses his excellent vocal range to tie the song together. Harsh and over-pronounced vocals keep the verse grounded. The Dublin musician then quickly switches to high flowing harmonies in the chorus to create a satisfying contrast.

A fan video was made for ‘Somebody to Love’ and it’s well worth checking out. Striking costumes, opaque lighting and bizarre characters. The three-minute video shows us what a Wes Anderson and Shane Meadows crossover project would look like.

– Donal Corrigan


Deadly Buzz Aldrin

Bad Move, Space Cadet

Bad Move, Space Cadet!

What do we love most about new experimental electronic project Deadly Buzz Aldrin? It could be the name, or the title of here highlighted track ‘Bad Move, Space Cadet’. We’d have to give it to the razor-sharp music though. Some very modular synth vibes throughout this mid-tempo dance number put me in mind of Kraftwerk. The melody, when it does finally kick in, is a bit of an earworm. One of the more unique electronic releases to come out of the country this year.

– Luke Sharkey



Days (prod. Zeeky Beats)

The 18-year-old rapper from Limerick, Harriis has released his track ‘Days’. The song certainly has maturity to it and commands respect considering it’s the rappers debut track. The smooth guitar riff and soft kick drum excellently compliments Harriis’s ambient vocals.

The lyrics explore the overwhelming naivety that every artist feels when starting their career. Harris talks about how the mind tires itself out by fantasising on making it one day and the lust to put money on your mother’s table. Moreover, the young rappers tranquil pitch makes these challenging lyrics a pleasure to listen to. Keep your eye on this lad.

– Donal Corrigan


Rógan X Omega

Different With It

Industrial tinged hip-hop courtesy of Dublin rapper/producer Rógan and Ardee-based MC Omega collaboration. The production and delivery on ‘Different With It’ are heavy and gritty. It’s aggressive and braggadocious with plenty of substance to back up that style.

– Luke Sharkey


Wallis Bird

Brutal Honesty

Brutal Honesty

The musical powerhouse returns and it’s no surprise that this track is one of the standouts this week. Wallis Bird’s lyrics always have a chilling beauty to them and this is no exception. ‘Brutal Honest’ is a take on the never-ending challenging of bettering yourself to everyone else’s standards. “Apologising is impossible, to try an be a better lover, friend and daughter and sister and more”.

– Donal Corrigan



The Runner

The second single from Irish rapper Michael is straight out of the bling era with its glitzy organs and bombastic flows. Solid production and vocals on this one, give it a spin.

– Luke Sharkey

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