Set in the Royal Hibernian Academy Gallery,  Hennessy Lost Fridays has hosted some of the best new Irish artists on the music scene such as Bad Bones, Wastefellow and Talos along side artistic showcases from the likes of Will St Leger and Leah Hewson over the past year. 

Lost Fridays aims to highlight the inspiring cross-discipline creative talent with an emphasis on music performances. As it takes place in a working art gallery, the veent hosts viewings of its art works, an offering which no traditional music venue in the city can match. 

Exploring the art forms

A guided tour in the upstairs Gallagher Gallery by RHA director Patrick T. Murphy and artist Vera Clute, winner of the Hennessy Portrait Prize 2015 was on offer to early attendees on Friday evening before the main programme. The exhibition presents a wide range of portraits explored in many different art forms by the artist, from paintings, porcelain and concrete sculpture to moving paper sculpture, wax sculptures and a novel animated portrait experience. 

Kicking off the party atmosphere in a gallery setting, downstairs Whelan’s resident DJ Alex Donald playing a fitting mix of rock, pop, electro, house and hip hop; everything from Hot Chip to Azealia Banks.

Next door, a splash of new technology met a classic art form as the resident Hennessy Auto Portrait Robots, offered mechanically-drawn personal portraits. Mixologists made up generous Hennessy cocktails at the bar,  while a giddy group of friends took part in a tasting masterclass.

A diverse energy 

The first live performance on the night came from Dublin-based Come On Live Long, a Nialler9 favourite, who offered soothing sounds in a colourful and energetic set. The ambience of the lighting on the night furthermore added to the layered tones that this band reflects. The title track from the new album In the Still provided an emotionally-charged performance, with haunting vocals from Louise Gaffney and Robert Ardiff. ‘Sum of Its Parts’ furthered this emotional charge with the lyrics “Feel it, Feed Me” ringing out in harmony.

Next up were late 80s-inspired indie band Columbia Mills, who kept the tempo moving with an upbeat start to their set that slowly revealed tones similar to that of Joy Division with electronic textures. A subtle Dublin tone shone out reflecting their name, inspired by the old Columbia Mills building on the quays in the 90s. The set was drawn to a close with new tracks ‘Battles’ and ‘This City Doesn’t Feel Like Home to Me’, strong vocals and catchy drum beats that ended the night on a high.

This instalment of Hennessy Lost Fridays delivered a dynamic array of artistic talent and participation that was reflected in the night’s the musical performances. A sense of the Dublin art scene was on show that presented traditional art forms being transformed into something distinctly new. 

Posted on October 26th, 2017

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RHA’s Hennessy Lost Fridays returns for its last event of the year this Friday in the Gallery on Ely Place.

If you’ve not attended a Lost Fridays event yet, expect an evening of curated sounds drawn from the best of Ireland’s music scene, DJs and Hennessy cocktails in unique and functioning art gallery space.

Performers for this Friday include Nialler9 favourites Come On Live Long,  80s-inspired indie from Columbia Mills, and Whelan’s resident DJ Alex Donald  who will be playing a mix of electro, house, hip-hop, pop and rock.

Tickets €20 + booking fee (include two complimentary Hennessy cocktails) from the Eventbrite page and the event is over 21st.

To win 2 tickets:
Email [email protected] with the gig in the subject line and your name in the body.

Some art and tasting events are also happening on the night including:

  • RHA’s art facilitators Hazel and Amie showing visitors how to make Great Gatsby inspired 1920’s feathered masks, headbands and fake moustaches. A
  • Artist Bassam Al-Sabah will assist guests in creating their own masterpiece sculptures at the Clay Bar. 
  • Get your portrait drawn by one of RHA’s three resident robots.
  • Get lost in floor to ceiling reflections of yourself as far as the eye can see in the Hennessy Infinity Room.
  • Learn about Hennessy’s Savoir-Faire at a tasting masterclass with the Hennessy Brand Ambassador, featuring Very Special, V.S.O.P and X.O.
  • Throughout the night Hennessy’s expert mixologists will also create Hennessy cocktails, including Hennessy & Ginger and Hennessy Sidecar.
  • RHA’s Coppa Café will be supplying scrumptious food throughout the night.
  • Attendees can also arrive early and enjoy walking tours of the RHA Exhibitions Plunge by Vera Klute in Gallery I and Strange Attractors by Ronnie Hughes in Galleries II & III with RHA Director Patrick T. Murphy.

More info on the Facebook event page.

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Posted on October 16th, 2017

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